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10 Tips For A Tent Wedding: Wedding Wednesday

10 Tips For A Tent Wedding Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography Lafayette Indianapolis Destination

Is your dream reception venue a gorgeous outdoor tent surrounded by nature? If so, then today's Wedding Wednesday blog post is for you! Here are 10 tips and things to consider when it comes to your perfect tent venue.

1. Find Out Your Venue's Rules On Tents

Some venues already have tents that are ready for weddings so there are no issues there. However, other venues may be the perfect location with plenty of space but don't already have a tent present. If that is the case you will want to check with them about any restrictions. Are you allowed to stake into the ground, are their any noise restrictions, and when can you start setting up the tent (some tents may take a few hours to a day).

2. Find The Perfect Spot For Your Tent

You will want to make sure your venue has enough room for your tent and that the tent has an okay view (you won't want your guests to be facing the side of a building!). You will also want to make sure that the ground is relatively flat. Don't forget to account for the space that your stakes will take since they will take up room in addition to your tent size.

3. Choose Your Tent Design

Do you want a tent with a clear top, a tent without center poles, or a tent that will support chandeliers to be hung from the top? All of those things and more need to be considered when you start thinking about your dream tent. This will also help you when you go to rent your tent you can tell the rental company exactly what you are looking for.

4. Measure The Area

If you are renting a tent to the area then you will need to know the size. You will want a tent big enough to accommodate all of your guests but you don't want a tent that's too big to fit in the area that you are considering. You also won't want a tent that is too big for your guests. A good rule of thumb is that you will want about 18 square feet per person for a seated dinner and for room for dancing.

5. Rent Your Tent Early

If you are having to secure your own tent rental then you are going to want to make sure you rent your tent early. Rental companies may only have one or a couple of the styles of tents that you are looking at. Reserving your tent early will guarantee that you have your tent squared away.

6. Consider The Temperature

Tents normally don't come with air conditioning or heating. If you are having a wedding in the heat of summer or during the winter months where it may be cold, then you will want to consider this so that you and your guests stay comfortable. You can rent portable air conditioners and heaters so you may need to add that to your list.

7. Think About Flooring Options

Someone couples will want to have the grass as a flooring option but if that's not your vision then you will want to think about other flooring options. You can cover the ground in wood plants, carpet/rugs, or a floating dance floor.

8. Don't Forget To Have A Rain Plan

If you are having an outdoor wedding then you always have to have a rain plan and this is also true for tent weddings. If you are having your ceremony outside of the tent, you will want to consider an alternative configuration for the tables incase you need to move your ceremony inside. If it starts to rain, you will want to put the walls of your tent down. Make sure you appoint a couple of people to make this happen. They can make the call as to if the tent walls need to come down and can make it happen so you can stay dry and relax.

9. Make Sure You Have A Sound Check

Sound travels differently in different tents. Talk to your DJ and band about the sound. Most will be familiar with tent weddings and can adjust accordingly.

10. Consider Your Budget

Tent weddings aren't always cheap. There are a lot of rentals that have to happen along with all the decor. You will want to make sure your budget has some wiggle room for any extra charges that may occur.



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