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Devin and I's 3 Year Wedding Anniversary and My Wedding Advice- Wedding Wednesday

Today Devin and I are celebrating 3 years of marriage! I can not believe that it has already been 3 years!!!!! Since our anniversary falls on a Wednesday this year I figured for this Wedding Wednesday I would share some images from our wedding along with some advice that I learned after planning my own wedding.

You don't have to hire the vendors your venue recommends.

A lot of venues (and vendors) will have a list of preferred vendors that they will recommend to you. You do not need to use them but you should certainly check them out because they can be great! The venue we used had a caterer that they partnered with. We booked the caterer without meeting with them, tasting their food, or reading any reviews (I don't really know what we were thinking there...). The caterer also provided all the tables and chairs and bar service so we thought it would be perfect. It was actually a nightmare! We had to hire a second caterer to provide part of the food since the caterer we hired wouldn't make what we wanted even after they told us they could, they started breaking down the tables before our reception was over, and they were just completely unprofessional throughout the whole process. If your venue or other wedding professional recommends a vendor to you, you should certainly check them out but be sure to make sure they can provide what you are wanting and envisioning and be sure to read reviews from past brides and grooms.

If you decided not to hire a wedding planner, do at least considering hiring someone for day of coordination services if your venue doesn't provide this.

This is one of my biggest regrets about our wedding! Devin and I did all of the wedding planning ourselves. I loved the wedding planning process and had time to do so. We did not hire a wedding coordinator and instead provided timelines to some of our family members so that they could make sure we stayed on track. However, my family was busying enjoying the wedding and our celebration (as they should have) and forgot about the timeline. We ended up completely forgetting about doing the bouquet and garter toss until my niece asked me if I was going to toss the bouquet! We did the bouquet and garter toss then but our photographer had already left so I have NO photos of that happening! :(

Buy your own linens if they are not included in your package with the venue or caterer.

You probably read that line and think that I am CRAZY! Buying your linen has to be more expensive than renting it right?!?!?! No, that isn't always the case! For our area, renting linens through our caterer or through the rental places was almost the same price as buying them ourselves and we were able to get exactly the color that we wanted! Now, we did have to remove the linens afterwards and launder them but after that I sold them on eBay and got almost all of our money back! If we would have rented them then we would have just been out of that money so buying them ended up saving us money in the long run. I highly recommend checking out Smarty Had A Party for your linens! They are who we used and they are amazing!!!!! :)

Don't let the wedding planning process get too stressful and make sure you don't spend all of your free time planning your wedding.

This is SUPER important! Don't let your whole engagement be spent planning your wedding! Be sure to bask in your engagement and celebrate this sweet time with your fiancé! Devin and I made sure to still take dates during our wedding planning and made sure that we weren't using all of our free time talking about the wedding. Wedding planning can be stressful and the last thing that you want to happen is to be fighting and unhappy during your engagement!

Get a professional album!

You spend a lot of money on your wedding photography and your wedding. Invest in a professional album! You will print a few photos for your home but the rest are going to stay on your computer and thumb drive and eventually both of those items won't work. Your wedding album is really your first heirloom and it will be passed down throughout the generations. Devin and I love our wedding albums (we have 2)! We look at them periodically and guests always thumb through them when they come over. I know you all receive a free Shutterfly book from different wedding websites after your wedding (we did too) but please do not use that as your wedding album! Save it for your honeymoon photos and get a professional album printed through your photographer. It will last a lifetime and you won't regret it!

Now, without further ado, here are some images from our wedding! I always think it's neat to see images from wedding photographers weddings so I thought maybe you would enjoy it to! All of these images were taken by the awesome Rebecca Bridges Photography!

I played the bass with our band for one song as a surprise to Devin!

That first photo has a funny story, as we were cutting the cake, the cake knife broke in half! Devin still calls me the Hulk!