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Utilizing Your Makeup and Hair Trial For Your Engagement Session: Wedding Wednesday

Utilize Your Hair and Makeup Trial For Your Engagement Session Indiana Wedding Photographer

Today's Wedding Wednesday post is going to be short and sweet but is going to focus on something that a lof of brides do not think of.

A lot of brides will hire a makeup artist and hair stylist for their wedding day. With hiring, they will usually schedule a trial run to see what their hair/makeup will look like. Along with the hair/makeup, most couples will opt for an engagement session (which is included in all of my wedding packages). Engagement sessions are a great way to work with your photographer before the big day and is a great way to capture the engagement period in your life.

This is where the tip comes.... Schedule your hair/makeup trial to be done before your engagement session! This will not only allow you to look your best in your engagement portraits, but you will be able to see what your makeup and hair styles look like in photos. It's a win win! I always suggest doing your makeup trial before the engagement session, but your hair trial will depend on how you are having your hair styled. If you are having long waves, then this could be great for your engagement session, but if you are having an elegant updo, then it might not be the style you are going for with your engagement portraits.

Happy wedding planning!


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