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5 Great Spots For A Destination Wedding: Wedding Wednesday

When we picture our weddings as kids and even young adults, we typically think of something fairly traditional - perhaps a ceremony in a church or outside in an open area with a pretty background. And in many cases, these traditional setups can make for perfect, fairy tale weddings. But in some cases, when the time actually comes to tie the knot, people find that they'd like to try something a little more adventurous. In fact, it seems that this sort of option is becoming more popular than many think. Evidently, 1 out of every 4 weddings is now a destination wedding! In this vein, we're going to take a look at five fun spots (out of infinite possibilities) for just such a wedding with your closest friends and family.

Destination Wedding Photographer Photography Indianapolis Indiana Lafayette

1. Park City, Utah

The idea of getting hitched in a Western U.S. mountain town is one that a lot of couples have considered, but for whatever reason the conversation tends to boil down to Colorado exclusively. It's certainly true that getting married in Denver, Aspen, or Boulder can be beautiful - but Park City, Utah is a perfect alternative as well. It's a city caught somewhere between the atmosphere of the European Alps and nearby Aspen, but is easier to get to than either. And it's almost hard to find a place without a stunning visual backdrop.

Destination Wedding Photographer Photography Indianapolis Indiana Lafayette

2. Tahiti

Okay, so Tahiti isn't the most original choice on the list. But any list like this ought to include an island paradise or two, and can you really beat this one? The islands of Tahiti are difficult to get to from most everywhere, so you're likely only going to be able to consider it for a smaller wedding. If that's the case however, you can basically turn your wedding into a honeymoon vacation that everyone can enjoy.

Destination Wedding Photographer Photography Indianapolis Indiana Lafayette

3. Macau

Macau is only just beginning to register to many in the Western world as a fantastic tourist destination. This is largely because it's gained recognition as the "Las Vegas of the East," with enough resorts to now be the world leader in terms of casino gaming revenue. Now, that doesn't mean you have to hold a wedding in a casino. But Macau is a beautiful area (and not far from the very popular tourist destination of Hong Kong), and combining these factors with the casino resorts, it's quite a fun place for the festivities.

Destination Wedding Photographer Photography Indianapolis Indiana Lafayette

4. Venice, Italy

It's hard to imagine too many places more inherently romantic than Venice (other than Paris, of course, but that's almost too easy!). Just imagine being able to get married in one of this city's stunning old churches or cathedrals, and thin of arriving to your wedding by way of a car rolling through the ancient streets of the city. Furthermore, imagine your guests getting to tour the city in between events, perhaps ducking in and out of famous museums and galleries or enjoying the famous gondola rides down the canals. It's just a terrific place for family and friends to experience together in a group.

Destination Wedding Photographer Photography Indianapolis Indiana Lafayette

5. English Countryside

This isn't a specific destination, but we're borrowing the idea from a list complied by CNN Travel of 2017's best places for a destination wedding. Citing specific venues rather than just cities or countries, the article pointed to Leeds Castle, England as the perfect backdrop for a fairytale wedding. It's frankly very hard to argue with the idea and expanding on it, the entire English countryside is ripe for gorgeous weddings. Granted, you can't always boo a castle lawn on a whim, but the idea is worth exploring.

*This is a contributed blog post from Marty Brown.


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