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4 Reasons To Have Your Wedding Invitations Photographed: Wedding Wednesday

4 Reasons To Have Your Wedding Invitations Photographed Indiana Wedding Photographer Indianapolis Lafayette

Your wedding day is almost here and you are busy getting all of the last minute things checked off you to-do list. In doing so, you are probably making a pile/bag full of all the items that you need to bring to your venue on your wedding day. One of the items that you should have in that pile are your wedding invitations! Your wedding invitations are an integral part of your wedding and set the tone for your wedding for your guests. Because of this, you will want to bring them to your wedding so your photographer can photograph them! I know it may sound silly since you probably saved a physical copy of your invitations for yourself BUT you will still want your photographer to capture them. Keep reading for 4 reasons why!

1. Help Set The Tone For Your Wedding

Your wedding invitation suite helps set the tone for your wedding. Your guests get a feel for your theme of your wedding, how formal it will be, and when and where to show up. They are an important piece! Since this is your first touch point of your wedding for your guests, it's great to have them photographed and included into your wedding gallery.

2. Great For Getting Ready Detail Photos

Your photographer will be capturing some details photos of all of your wedding day details and a great thing to include into that flatlay are your wedding invitations! They are a part of your wedding and having a flatlay with your invitations present makes for a great photo in your wedding album!

3. Helps Fill Out Your Wedding Album And Tell The Story Of Your Day

A flatlay photo of your wedding invitation and details is a great additional to the start of your wedding album. You work hard on coming up with the perfect invitation and details so an image of your invitation is a perfect addition to your wedding album.

4. Backup Copy In Case Your Lose Physical Invitation

Having your invitations photographed will also give you a backup option in case your physical invitation copy gets lost in a move, damaged in storage, or otherwise misplaced.



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