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6 Tips For Your Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial: Wedding Wednesday

6 Tips For Your Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography Indianapolis Lafayette

After you find a vision for your hair and makeup for your wedding, the next step is to start looking for hair and makeup artists and do some trials to find the perfect artist for you! These tips will help you get the most out of your hair and makeup trials.

Bring Inspiration

If you have a certain hairstyle in mind or color palette for your makeup, bring along some inspiration photos. This will help your artists see the vision you would like for your look and can make sure they use that inspiration and make it perfect for you, your face shape, and your hair type. You will also want to bring a quick photo of your wedding attire too. This will help your artist see the shape of your attire to plan your hair and makeup accordingly.

Dress For Your Appointment

Just like on your wedding day, you will want to make sure you dress for your hair and makeup trial so your clothing does not mess it up. A button down shirt without a collar or a wide neck top will be best so you can ease it off your head without ruining your hair or makeup. This is especially true if you are planning on trying on your wedding attire afterwards or are going to utilize hair/makeup trial for an engagement session afterwards (note: I always recommend doing your makeup trial the day of your engagement session so you can kill two birds with one stone!). If you are planning on wearing a veil or hairpiece, you will want to bring this with you too so your hair artist can incorporate that into your look and trial. (If you don't have these yet but are planning on having them on your wedding day, just let them know so they can make sure they will work with your style.)

Keep Track Of The Time

While you are getting your hair and makeup trial, keep an eye on how long it is taking. This will help you be able to make sure you build enough time into your timeline for your artists to do your hair and makeup on the wedding day. Your trial will take longer than the actual wedding day since your hair/makeup artist will be trying out different things and making sure it's what you want so you will also want to ask them how long they think it will take on the wedding day as well.

Take Notes And Photos

Your artist will be taking notes of the different products and colors they use so they can replicate it on the wedding day but you will want to take some notes too. Take notes on anything they say that you need to do the morning of in prep for hair/makeup and any advice they give you. Take some notes on the products and colors they use too so you can have some simliar products on hand for touchups throughout the wedding day. You will also want to take some photos of your completed look. This will help you remember what was done so you can reference it leading up to the wedding day and so you can see how your look will look in photos.

Don't Be Afraid To Discuss Pricing

Pricing is a subject that a lot of people are nervous talking about but this is the perfect time to talk all about pricing. Your artist will be able to tell you how much your hair and makeup will be along with your wedding party or parents. Make sure you talk about travel and travel fees too!

Don't Be Afraid To Speak Up

Your hair and makeup artists will be working hard to make sure your hair and makeup is what you want and will help you look your best and you should trust and rely on them. However, if you aren't liking what is taking shape or if it's not exactly what you want, be sure to speak up and let them know. The trial is the perfect time to make sure everything is exactly what you want and your artist will appreciate you bringing it up now so you are happy and so the day of your wedding will go off without a hitch.



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