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Engagement Session Tips: Wedding Wednesday

Engagement Session Tips Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography Lafayette Indianapolis

Your engagement session helps document this special time in your life! It also is a great way for you and your wedding photographer to get to work together before the wedding day. You may feel a bit awkward about getting your photos taken but don't worry! Your photographer will walk you through everything and make sure you look your best! Below are a couple of tips for your engagement session!

Your outfits don't have to match but make sure they compliment each other.

You don't have to wear the same thing as your fiancé or even the same colors but you will want to make sure that your outfits compliment each other. You will also want to make sure that your outfits are on the same level. You won't want to be in a formal outfit and your fiancé is in a casual outfit.

Don't wear graphic tees or super small prints.

You don't want your engagement session to be a walking advertisement for a brand and don't want to distract with a big logo across your chest. It's best to wear solid colors or patterns and not a big logo. Now if you both love a sport team and want to incorporate that into a few photos, that's fine, but you won't want to have logos in all of your photos. Patterns are fine but you want to make sure they aren't too distracting or super small. Sometimes small patterns can get lost on camera and don't read well.


Don't be afraid to accessorize! You won't want to pack on the accessories but feel free to wear a statement necklace, fun belt, or nice blazer. Accessories can help elevate your look and add your personality into your outfit.

Empty your pockets.

If you have pockets, you will want to make sure they are empty. A phone or wallet or keys in your pocket will be seen on camera and no one wants that. Go ahead and eliminate that extra bulk and keep your pockets empty.

Consider wearing two outfits.

I always recommend wearing two outfits to my couples. This will help give you a variety in your images and you can wear something dressy and then something a bit more casual. However, with this said, if the thought of finding two outfits for your session makes you nervous, don't fret it! Wear one outfit that you love and your images will still be great!

Be comfortable.

You won't want to feel uncomfortable in your outfits. Wear something that really reflects you and your style and something that isn't going to make you uncomfortable for two hours. If you want to wear shoes that may not be the most comfortable, bring along another pair that you can use to walk to different locations and then just change into your other shoes for your photos.

Clean your ring (and bring it).

If you have an engagement ring, be sure to give it a good cleaning before your session so it will look its best. Your photographer will be getting some close up photos of your rings so you will want to make sure they are clean and shiny.

Be on time.

You will want to make sure you allow plenty of travel time to get your session on time. You won't want to be stressed out about possibly getting to your session late or getting stuck in traffic so allow some extra travel time. Your photographer also timed your session to keep the sunlight in mind and being late to your session could mean that it will get dark too fast before your session ends.


If you don't listen to any of the other tips, hopefully you will listen to this one! Relax and try to have a good time! It's natural to feel a bit nervous getting your photos taken and being in front of the camera but try to relax and have a good time with your fiancé. Your photographer will walk you through everyone so try to not get too nervous or upset.



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