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How To Include Pets Into Your Engagement Session: Wedding Wednesday

How To Include Pets Into Your Engagement Session

Wanting to include your pet into your engagement session? If yes, then todays Wedding Wednesday blog post is for you! You can your fiancé love your pets and including them into your engagement photos can be a great touch! If you want them to be a part of your big day but don't want to have to worry about them ON the wedding day, then taking some photos with them during your engagement session is a great idea. To make the most out of your photos with your pet so you and they will stay comfortable, here are a few tips!

Talk To Your Photographer

If you want to include a pet into your engagement session, let your photographer know! They will more than likely be happy to have them along (I LOVE animals and love when they come to engagement sessions!) but they will need to know so they can prepare for your session and make sure they have a safe location in mind for your pet.

Consider The Location

When it comes to choosing a location for your engagement session with your pet, then you will want to keep the location in mind. If your pet is easily distracted, then a park that's filled with people and other pets may not be the best idea. A location that's next to a busy highway won't be the safest for your pet. A secluded location that's away from traffic and other people will be the best spot to do photos with your pet!

Bring A Helper

Have a friend or family member come with you to the session so they can help take care of your pet so you can enjoy your photos. Your helper can play/walk your pet when they are getting restless, keep them hydrated, and even help bribe them with treats, if needed. Your helper can even arrive to the location halfway through your session so you will have plenty of time to get some great photos of the two of you and then add in your pet.

Bring A Leash

Most parks and outdoor areas will require that pets are leashed so you will want to have one with you. While the photos are happening, we can easily hide the leash or take it off for the photos but you will want to have a leash for when you are walking to different locations.

Bring Water, Treats, And A Toy

You will want your pet to be happy and healthy so you will want to make sure you bring water (especially on a hot day). If it's cold, bring something to keep your pet warm. Treats are also great to have on hand to give your pet a reward for great behavior and if they need to be bribed a bit to look at the camera. Bringing their favorite toy can also help your photographer get them to look at the camera.

Play With Your Pet And Walk Them Before The Session

Before your engagement session starts, be sure to give your pet a nice long walk or a nice vigorous play session. This will help tired them out a bit so they are more likely to sit and lay for the photos.



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