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How To Serve Margaritas At Your Wedding: Wedding Wednesday

How To Serve Margaritas At Your Wedding Indiana Wedding Photographer

Margaritas are a popular cocktail that can add a fun and festive touch to your wedding. Below are five tips for serving margaritas at your wedding:

1. Choose The Right Ingredients

Make sure to use high-quality tequila, lime juice, and triple sec to create the perfect margarita. Consider using fresh lime juice instead of bottled juice for a more authentic taste. You can always refer to your bar staff about what is the best tequila to use.

2. Make A Signature Margarita

Create a signature margarita that reflects your personal taste and style. Consider adding seasonal fruit juices, like strawberry or mango, to give your margaritas a unique twist.

3. Set Up A Self-Serve Bar

Set up a self-serve bar for your guests to make their own margaritas. Your bar staff can make the margarita base and then your guests can add things like salt and sugar or fruit and flavors.

4. Offer Non-Alcoholic Options

Not all of your guests may drink alcohol, so make sure to offer non-alcoholic margarita options, like a virgin margarita made with lemon-lime soda and a splash of lime juice. A margarita is pretty easy to make alcohol free and will still taste great!

5. Provide Garnishes

Add a fun touch to your margaritas by providing a variety of garnishes, like sliced limes, fresh berries, and mint leaves. Consider setting up a garnish station for your guests to customize their drinks.

Serving delicious margaritas at your wedding can add a fun and festive touch to your special day. Whether you're serving traditional margaritas or creating a signature drink, your guests are sure to enjoy a refreshing and delicious cocktail.



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