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How To Take The Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie: Wedding Wednesday

How To Take The Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

If you just got engaged then you are probably taking some photos of your engagement ring and showing it off! I mean, who doesn't want to show off their perfect ring! While your wedding and engagement photographer will take photos of your rings, below are a few tips to help you take a photo that really makes your engagement ring shine!

Consider your hands.

While your ring will be up front and center, your hands will also be present in the photo. If you are someone who loves getting manicures, then it may be best to wait for a fresh manicure before you snap the photo. If you aren't a fan of polish, make sure you nails are clean and filed. If you don't like your fingers, you can easily crop the photo into the ring or point your fingers down for the photo so they aren't noticed.

Make sure your ring is clean.

If you just got your ring, then it's probably clean and good to go but if you've had your ring for a bit, then you'll want to give it a little cleaning. Things like soap and lotion can dull your ring and won't allow it to shine with all its glory. Run your ring under some water and use a mild soap and soft bristled toothbrush to clean away any grime.

Pro Tip: not all stones are safe for soap or a brush use if you have a colored stone, you'll want to double check the cleaning requirements so you don't damage your stone.

Find the light.

Natural light is the best for ring photos! You won't want to take the photo in a dark room or when it's pitch black outside. Open shade (where you are standing in shade but above you is access to the sky) will be best for your photo so the sun won't be shining directly down on your ring and so you won't be completely under a tree. This will make sure the photo is well lit without casting weird shadows.

Select the focus.

You'll want to select the focus on your phone or camera so that it's focusing right on your ring. This will make sure your ring is nice and sharp in the photo.

Pro Tip: Sometimes if you focus on the main center stone, it can still make your ring look a little out of focus since the prongs will be slightly out of focus and that can throw the photo off. If this happens, instead of focusing on the main stone, focus on the main stone's prong that is closest to the camera.

Think about your background.

While your ring will be front and center, people will still see what's behind your hands. Make sure you are taking the photo in an environment that you want you shown in the photo.



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