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Three Meaningful Touches To Make For An Extra Special Proposal: Wedding Wednesday

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Everyone wants their proposal to be perfect. It's a moment that you'll both remember forever, so it's important to show your partner just how much they mean to you. Whilst popping the questions is naturally a special moment, there are some things you could consider to make it a truly unique romantic experience.

Firstly, think about what your partner values. What's most important to them? Perhaps it's their family, or maybe a beloved pet? Do they love to share everything with their friends? Answering these questions can help you decide what you'll need to organize for your proposal.

Here, we take a look at three meaningful touches for you to consider to give your partner the proposal of their dreams.

Play Your Favorite Song

Some couples have a song that reminds them of each other. Perhaps it's the song that was playing on the way to your first date, a song that seems to perfectly summarize your feelings, or just a song you've both always loved. Whatever you choose, having this softly playing in the background can be the perfect backdrop to your proposal.

If you're worried that the music might drown out what you're saying as you reveal the ring, why not play it as you enter the room where you're going to propose, or after the big moment? Especially if it's a lively song, playing it after can be a fun way to shake off some nervous energy and celebrate with your new fiancé.

If anyone else is going to be around for your proposal, it might be best to leave this responsibility with them, lest you get flustered and hit the wrong button!

Include Your Pet

Pets truly are a part of the family, and incorporating them into your plans can be both fun and meaningful. Particularly for at-home proposals, why not attach the perfect engagement ring that you've chosen to your pet's collar? It might take a little coordination, but getting your partner to call over or play with your pet means that they can then discover the ring by surprise, just in time for you to pop the question.

Top tip: not all pets are particularly obedient, so make sure to shut any external doors to avoid your cat or dog running off down the street with their precious cargo still attached!

Get Video Messages

If your partner is close to their friends and family, but you'd rather keep the moment just between the two of you, or they live far away, why not consider telling them beforehand? Of course, you'll need to be sure that your partner will say yes, and that they won't mind you pre-empting their answer, as well as trusting that their family can keep a secret.

Get them to record video messages congratulating you, and play them to your partner after they say yes. Not only will this allow them to see that their loves ones share their joy, but it creates memories that'll last long after the proposal.

*This is a collaborative blog post.



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