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What To Do When Your Wedding Runs Behind Schedule: Wedding Wednesday

What To Do When Your Wedding Runs Behind Schedule Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography Indianapolis Lafayette

Weddings are notorious for getting a bit off schedule so don't feel bad if things run 5-10 minutes behind at some times but you won't want your wedding to get too far off schedule. Below are a few things you can do to keep your wedding on schedule or to get it back on track if something gets behind schedule.

Build Buffer Time Into Your Timeline

The easiest way to make sure your wedding runs on schedule is to build in some buffer time throughout your wedding timeline. Sprinkle in an extra 5-10 minutes throughout your timeline in key places. This way if something runs behind, you will be able to catch back up. If everything stays on schedule, then you can use that extra time to run to the bathroom, grab some water, or just take a breather.

Make Sure Your Family and Wedding Party Know Key Times

Make sure all key players in your wedding have the timeline and know when/where they need to be at all times. This will make sure everyone will be present for family portraits, wedding party portraits, and the ceremony. This will also make sure that they will know when they need to be dressed and have their hair and makeup done. If a family member is notorious for always being late, give them some extra buffer time in their timeline. Tell them to arrive 10 minutes earlier than everyone else so they will hopefully show up on time.

Communicate With Your Vendors On The Timeline and Their Deadlines

Just like you should make sure your family and wedding party have the timelines, you will also want to make sure all your vendors have the timeline. This will make sure that they will have their things done and ready for the different wedding day events. Make sure your hair/makeup people know when everyone needs to be ready, your cake artist knows when the cake needs to be there, your florist knows to have the bouquets/boutonnieres at the venue before your first look, etc.

Roll With The Punches

When the timeline gets off schedule, don't fret too much. Communicate with your vendors, wedding party, etc so everyone knows that the timeline is a bit off so people can catch up as much as possible. Be a bit flexible in re-arranging your timeline a bit when things get off schedule so you can catch back up and still get all the photos you need and have all the events you planned.



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