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What To Do With The Bouquets After The Ceremony: Wedding Wednesday

What To Do With The Bouquets After The Ceremony Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

Your bouquets are gorgeous and you will certainly want them for your wedding portraits as well as for your ceremony but what do you do with your bouquet once the ceremony is over?

Use The Bouquets For Decor

The most common thing to do with the bouquets once portraits and the ceremony is over is to re-purpose them for your reception decor! You can use them to decorate the head-table or sweetheart table or you can use them to decorate the cake table or other area in the reception. Re-purposing also helps you cut down on some costs as well!

Take Them Home For Decoration

Once the wedding is over, you can take your bouquet home and display it in your house. It will not only pretty up your home and provide some fragrance but it will be an awesome reminder of your big day every time you walk by it!

Preserve Your Bouquet

If you want to save your bouquet for a long time then you can always preserve your bouquet by drying it or using a preservation kit. This will allow you to keep your bouquet around as decoration for years to come.

Donate Them To A Shelter

If you aren't keen on preserving your bouquet or are leaving for your honeymoon shortly after your wedding, you can always donate your florals to a shelter. Assisted living homes and homeless shelters welcome flower donations because it helps brighten up their residences day.

Gift Them To Your Guests

You can also gift your bouquets and florals to your favorite wedding guests as a way to brighten up their day.

No matter what you deicide, there are many ways to re-purpose your bouquet and florals. Don't throw them in the trash and let them wilt, use them to spread some happy into your life or other's!



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