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Why An Archival High Quality Wedding Album Is A Must For Your Wedding: Wedding Wednesday

Why A Wedding Album Is A Must For Your Wedding Indiana Wedding Photographer

I have always said that I would grab the pets, artwork, and my photo albums if my house was ever on fire! Could I always build another photo album if something were to happen? Yes, however, there is just something special about those first heirloom albums. I can not stress the importance of printing your wedding images and having a gorgeous, archival, and high quality wedding album is the perfect thing to let you re-live your wedding day. Keep reading for just a few benefits of purchasing a high quality wedding album through your wedding photographer below.

Why A Wedding Album Is A Must For Your Wedding Indiana Wedding Photographer

They Will Last A Lifetime

Professional photographers do a lot of research on albums and make sure that the ones they offer to their clients are not only beautiful but will be archival and will last a lifetime. Professional archival albums are printed on archival paper that will last a lifetime and resist fading and wear and tear over time. They have thick pages that are treated to resist fingerprints, spills, and stains. The cover material and spines are manufactured to keep up with use and stay in great condition. Professional wedding albums aren't the cheapest albums you can buy but they are the albums that will last forever and will be able to last the test of time so they can be passed down to future generations. There are so many consumer labs out there that offer wedding albums but the quality of those albums are on the consumer level and are not the best. They have thin pages that rip easily or they use glue that breaks down and the album falls apart over time. They also aren't archival and won't resist fading and discoloration over time. If you want to see examples of consumer based albums vs pro albums, let me know, I have both in my office for you to compare! Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and you paid a lot for your wedding photographer to capture those gorgeous images for you. Investing in a wedding album through your photographer will make sure that you are able to preserve those memories and images for future generations to see.

Why A Wedding Album Is A Must For Your Wedding Indiana Wedding Photographer

They Are True To Color

Besides being archival and having the ability to last a lifetime, professional albums through your wedding photographer will also be true to color. Your photographer calibrates their computers to their photography labs to ensure that everything that is printed matches the images that they edit. If you want to do a Google search on print lab comparisons, you will find tons of images of what different printing labs can do to your images. Places like Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Shutterfly, etc do not have the best printing equipment and that is reflected back into the prints. You want your wedding album's images to be as true to real life as possible and printing your albums through your wedding photographer will allow just that.

Why A Wedding Album Is A Must For Your Wedding Indiana Wedding Photographer

They Are Your First Family Heirloom

Your wedding day marks the start of your life together as a married couple and family and that is pretty special! When you invest in a wedding album, that album becomes your first family heirloom. It will be something that will be passed down through the generations and will be treasured by your family. It is also something that will become a staple part of your life as a couple and you will find yourself flipping through its pages every anniversary and maybe even during the hard points in your marriage to be reminded of the special day and your love story!

Why A Wedding Album Is A Must For Your Wedding Indiana Wedding Photographer

They Allow You To Have All The Special Images At Your Fingertips

I can not recommend printing your images enough! Print your wedding photos and enjoy them! A wedding album is a great way for you to have all of your favorite wedding images at your fingertips. It makes it easy to pick up the album and re-live your wedding day without having to open up your computer, access your USB, and try to find the images.

Why A Wedding Album Is A Must For Your Wedding Indiana Wedding Photographer

They Will Not Get Lost, Deleted, Or Thrown Away

After the wedding your wedding photographer will give you your wedding images on either an online gallery or a USB. Online galleries will only be active for so long so you will need to back up your images either online or on your computer or on a storage device. Computers can get old and break and storage devices can get lost and forgotten about which means your wedding images can easily be lost. Hopefully you printed off your favorite wedding images but even those prints can get lost or damaged. However, a wedding album will not get tossed to the side and forgotten about! It will be displayed proudly in your home and will be treasured. It will be passed on to your children or future family members and they will treasure it. Think back to the last time a family member passed away, you or your family more than likely went through their items to decide what to keep. Did they have albums? If so, I'm 100% positive someone took and kept those to keep their memory alive. We all love to look back through albums to see and learn more about the people in our lives and our past. This is what will happen to your wedding album when you are gone. It will become a document of your love and life together for future generations. However, that USB Or storage device, it will sadly probably get tossed because your family will not even know that your precious wedding photos are on there (or may not be able to even access them with technology updates)! An archival wedding album can help future generations learn more about you and your love story and will be treasured!

Are you a Jasmine Norris Photography couple and want to purchase a wedding album? Send me an email and we can get your first family heirloom started!

Why A Wedding Album Is A Must For Your Wedding Indiana Wedding Photographer



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