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10 Engagement Session Prep Tips: Wedding Wednesday

10 Engagement Session Prep Tips Indiana Destination Wedding Photographer

I know that getting your images taken professionally can be a bit intimidating. However, there is no reason to be intimidated or worried! Your photographer will walk you through the whole process! Remember, the engagement session is the first time most couples have professional photos taken so you aren't alone. Your photographer will make you feel at ease and make sure you both look great!

Below are a few tips to help you put your mind at ease!

Don't be too matchy matchy with your outfits.

You certainly want to make sure your outfits compliment each other but you don't have to wear the exact same thing or exact same color! Let your individual personality shine through!

Don't be afraid to accessorize!

Wear a scarf, put on a blazer, throw on a bold necklace, or wear a statement belt or fun shoes. Adding some layers and personality to your outfit will help your personality and style shine through.

Steer clear of graphic tees and small prints.

While prints are totally fine and can certainly add some flair to your outfit, you will want to stay away from anything too bold. You won't want to wear a t-shirt with a logo across the chest. That can distract from you and that's not what you want for your engagement session. Also, super small patterns don't always read well over camera and won't always look their best. Wearing a larger pattern can sometimes be less distracting than a larger pattern.

Empty your pockets.

No one wants their phone or car keys to be in their engagement portraits and sometimes when you leave them in your pocket, they will create a bump. Bring a small bag along where you can stash these items so they are still with you but where they won't be seen in your portraits!

Consider two outfits.

Most couples will have two outfits and this can really help diversity your engagement portraits. I recommend one outfit that's a little dressier and one that's slightly more casual. This lets you have two different looks with your engagement session.

Be comfortable.

Don't try to wear something that is uncomfortable or makes you feel constricted. If you feel uncomfortable you won't look as happy and relaxed in your images. Wearing clothes that you love and that you can move in is best! If you plan on wearing shoes that may not be super comfortable, bring a long a pair that you can walk in and then you can change into your other pair for the portraits.

View the blog for more inspiration.

If you are stuck on what to wear or just want to gather some inspiration from past couples, visit the blog to see some past engagement sessions. This can help spark some outfit inspiration for you!

Remember and clean your ring.

This may sound silly but I've had couples forget their ring at home before! Remember to bring it along because you will certainly get some close up images of your ring. If you and your fiancé both have engagement rings, bring them both along! :). Give your ring a good wash before your session. Hand soap and lotions can stick to your main stone and not let it shine in all it's glory. Giving it a quick wash and dry will help it look it's best!

Be on time.

This is super important! Engagement sessions are based around the sunrise or sunset. Being just 5-10 minutes late can cut into your session time by a lot. At sunrise the pretty golden light is only around for so long and you will want to maximize that light. At sunset, the sun sets when it sets and being late means that you won't have as much time before it gets dark.


Remember to relax! Things may feel a little be awkward at first and that's normal! Your photographer will walk you through everything and you do not need to worry! Try to relax and have fun!



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