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Monday Wedding Madness: Bridal Details

One thing that I love to photograph and that makes a great addition to your wedding album is the bridal details. This is also something that is often over looked by brides. In the rush of getting things ready, bringing some of the details and having them ready for your photographer sometimes get over looked. This list will help you correlate all of your details before the wedding so that you can have them ready for your photographer.

The Dress

This detail rarely gets forgotten since it is now one of the standard wedding images. However, to go along with this, have a nice hanger for your dress. Some brides will have custom hangers made with their new last name and that is great, however, a nice wooden hanger is also nice. The dress shots will look better if the dress isn't on a plastic or basic wire hanger. In a pinch, if you forgot a hanger, oftentimes you can ask the hotel or venue for one that they have in a coat closet.


Accessories will be things that the bride will be wearing, such as a veil, shaw, or clutch.


Any jewelry that the bride will be wearing for her wedding, necklace, bracelet, hairpiece, etc.

Wedding and Engagement Rings

Having all three of your rings together will allow your photographer to photograph these before the wedding starts.


Who doesn't love a good shoe shot!


Keepsakes will be anything that you are using that is special to you. Such as your something old, new, and blue as well as any other special items. Some brides have photos of their loved ones who have passed away on their bouquet and other brides might have something that their mother and grandmother used on their wedding day. Having these photographed will add a nice touch to your album.

Invitation Suites

This is the biggest item that most brides do not even think to bring to the wedding. Having a copy of your invitation, save the dates, and any other stationary that you used for your wedding will allow your photographer to be able to document them.


Are you planning to give a gift to your husband/bride on the wedding day or did you write them a special note? Having your photographer present for the opening of these gifts allows you to have that special time documented.


Monday Wedding Madness is a blog series that occurs every Monday and answers the questions you have about wedding photography. Have a question you would like to have answered or something that you wish you would have known before your wedding or are you a wedding professional who would like to contribute? Send your questions to



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