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Engagement Photo Guestbooks: Monday Wedding Madness

Engagement Photo Guestbook

A few years back, there was only one type of guestbook. The plain cover books that have lines for your guests to sign their names. This was the standard and after the wedding the guestbook would be tucked away in a box and put into a closet. (I know, the closet is currently where my guestbook is from my wedding.) Now-a-days, there are a lot of creative options when it comes to your guestbook. Options that you will actually use after the wedding! One option is to have a photo book made with your engagement portraits and to utilize blank space around the photos where guest can sign their name and leave their well wishes.

Engagement Photo Guestbook

You can customize the amount of white space that you need to meet the needs of how many people will be attending your wedding. You can devote full pages for guests to sign or just have a simple white border around your images.

Engagement Photo Guestbook

The best thing about these photo books, is that you will actually use them! You can look through your engagement portraits and see your guests well wishes. Instead of being stuffed in a closet after the wedding it can become a welcome addition to your coffee table or book shelf.

Engagement Photo Guestbook

Plus, they are extremely affordable! A normal guest book will run you around $30-$70+ depending on the style and amount of pages. Depending on your photographer's albums and the style and size you are wanting, you will only be spending a few dollars more. The album pictured is only $75! Plus, the value will be even more because you are able to have an album of your engagement portraits and a guestbook!


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