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Facebook Auto-Enhance: Monday Wedding Madness

Everyone uses Facebook and everyone posts images to Facebook. Today we are going to be discussing a little Facebook feature that is present on Facebook Mobile and about why you may want to consider turning it off. This post isn't solely for brides and groom interested in wedding photography, it is also for anyone who gets professional portraits.

You have an amazing session with your photographer and are excited to get your images back. When your images come back, you absolutely love them and want to share them with your friends and family. What do you do? You post them on Facebook so everyone can see them and enjoy them. When you post your images on Facebook you want them to look just as amazing as they do off Facebook. If you are posting your images to Facebook from a mobile device with Facebook Mobile, then your images may not be posting the way they actually look. Why is this?

Facebook Mobile (only the mobile version, not the regular version you visit from a computer) has a feature called Facebook Auto-Enhance and it is by default turned on. This feature "enhances" your images when you post them to your page. Now, this feature may be good for cell phone photos but with professional images it does not do them good. The images you receive from your photographer are high resolution, not compressed, and already have meticulous editing. When Facebook Auto-Enhance is used, it compresses the image and edits it in a way that is not very pretty.

Here is an example from Jessica Souza Photography (used with permission)

The top image is the image she gave to her client. The bottom image is the image that was posted to Facebook after her client uploaded it. Pretty scary right?

How do you turn off Facebook Auto-Enhance? Again, Facebook Auto-Enhance is only on the mobile version, for now, so if you normally post your images from a computer then you do not need to worry about it. Facebook will resize the image for web when you upload it so it may not look perfect like the version you have, but it will still look like the image your photographer gave you. If you use Facebook Mobile a lot then you will want to turn off the Auto-Enhance feature.

Turn off Facebook Auto-Enhance from I-Phone App

1. Tap the three bars at the top of the window, the "More" button.

2. Scroll down and tap "Account Settings"

3. Tap "Videos and Photos" and then tap "Apply Auto Filter" below "Photo Settings"

4. Click the "Off" button and save

Turn off Facebook Auto-Enhance from Android App

1. Tap the three bars at the top of the window, the "More" button

2. Scroll down and tap "App Settings"

3. Tap "Enhance Photos Automatically" below "Photos"

4. Click "Off" button and save

That's it! Now you can post your images knowing that they will be represented correctly! :)


Monday Wedding Madness is a blog series that occurs every Monday and answers the questions you have about wedding photography. Have a question you would like to have answered or something that you wish you would have known before your wedding or are you a wedding professional who would like to contribute? Send your questions to



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