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5 Tips For Family Formals: Monday Wedding Madness

Family formals are some of the most treasured images from your wedding day. Your mother, grandmother, and rest of the family will print these images and display them in their home. They also make a great addition in your wedding album. Your family members are celebrating your love and want to have it documented.

However, for most couples, the family portrait section of the day is not the most fun. Therefore, here are 5 tips to make your family portraits go by fast so you can get back to the party!

1. Make a list.

Before your wedding, make a list of the different family member combinations that you would like to take and give it to your photographer. Having this list will allow your photographer to organize the groupings in the most efficient way possible as well as make sure they do not miss the different family combinations.

2. Appoint a helper.

Have someone who knows your family (bridesmaid, sibling, parent) stand by throughout the family portraits to help the photographer make sure everyone is present. By the time your family portraits come, your photographer will most likely know who your parents and siblings are, but will probably not know who "Aunt Clara" or "Grandma Margaret" is. Having someone who knows your family will help your photographer make sure "Aunt Clara" is present.

3. Stick to no more than 15 groupings.

Try to condense the number of groupings, if possible. The more groupings you have, the longer the family portraits are going to take. 15 groupings will take around 30 minutes.

4. Consider the time.

The best time for the family portraits is usually immediately after the ceremony. All of your family will be in the same location so it will ensure that the family portraits will go by faster and smoother since you will not have to chase down family members.

5. Let your family know.

Before the wedding, notify the family members who you want in your family formals. Let them know when and where the family portraits will take place so they will know that they are needed and to be in the correct location at the right time.


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