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I'm Jasmine and I'm a wedding photographer based in Indiana but I serve clients worldwide!

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Behind The Scenes: 2015

Some times when I get home from a wedding/photo shoot and I upload the images to start the culling process I run across some of the Behind The Scenes photos and they always make me laugh. From testing the light photos, to the veil whisperer, to my second shooter trying to take a bad photo of me, they always make me laugh! I know you all LOVE seeing the behind the scenes photos so I have compliled my favorites from the year. Enjoy! :)

First a quick little peek into what is inside of our camera bags (minus a couple of lens and a few flashes).

The classic "veil whisperer" shot! My second shooter Devin is the best!

And sometimes when Devin isn't available or present that doesn't stop me from recruiting someone else!

You should probably know right now that if I see an animal at your wedding, I will go after it and pet it...

Detail shots, detail shots

Some times I get really happy when the groom gets to see his bride for the first time!

Here's a little behind the scenes shot from my Hot House Market clothing shoot this year. With Carrie, doing her thing!

Dress fluffing and making my couple look good is my thing!

Devin is always a good sport when it comes time for me to test the light.

I love this shot of my second shooter Devin and John from Your Dream Filmworks during Megan and Greg's football bouquet/garter toss!

I try to make people laugh, I may fail, but I still try.

These are the photos Devin tries to sneak in when I'm not looking and I always die laughing when I run across them while culling!

Just doing my thing...

Sometimes I get a helper that makes the bridal party laugh during portraits!

Again, Devin being my model for testing the light AND a perfect photo example of me on a wedding day! haha

Sometimes, when there is a lull in the reception, Devin and I find each other on opposite sites of the room from each other and we quickly take a photo at the same time! This is the result. haha

Just instructing how/where to cut the wedding cake, one of my many duties on a wedding day!

Devin likes to climb on things, but it makes for a good shot!

And this sums it up pretty well. Pre wedding testing the light photo on the left, and post wedding photo on the right! hahaha

I hope you all have enjoyed this little behind the scenes look into what a wedding day looks like from our end! Keep an eye out for my end of the year blog next week and then I will see you all in 2016!


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