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Wedding Photography Styles: Wedding Wednesday

Today's Wedding Wednesday topic is "Wedding Photography Styles." As you search for your wedding photographer you will run across many different styles of photography. All styles are a little different and you will most likely gravitate towards a certain style. Knowing what style you like will help you find your perfect wedding photographer.


When you think of traditional wedding photography, think of your parents and grandparent's wedding albums. A traditional style photographer focus' on the classic traditional poses. This type of photographer usually works off of a shot list and will pose each photo adjusting clothing, body, and background. When you think of the formal family portraits that you see being taken after the ceremony, that is what this style of photography is. Normally these photos are not the ones you see featured on wedding blogs, but photos that will make it into the wedding album.


Photojournalistic wedding photography is the photography that you see most on wedding blogs. This style of photography focus' on capturing the wedding as it unfolds. Instead of focusing on posing the photos the photographer will capture moments as they unfold without much interaction. Think of the laughing photos of guest, people dancing, the bride and groom hugging and interacting with guests, etc.


Fashion or High-Fashion wedding photography focus' on dramatic images that showcase the fashion. Think of those images of the wedding gowns hanging from the tree, shoe photos, clothing detail photos, etc. This also is brought into the couple and formal portraits as well and the photographer will utilize fashion poses and expressions.


Artistic wedding photography focus' images that are both unusual and artistic. The photographer will use different angles, unusual backdrops, and color to give their images an artistic flair.

Natural Light:

Natural light photography is exactly what it sounds. When the photographer relies solely on using light from the sources that are present (sun, lighting of the room, etc) without using flashes. This works out great if you are planning on having an outside daytime wedding. However, if you are planning on having a nighttime wedding or have a reception venue with dim lights, you are going to want to find a photographer that utilizes lighting along with natural light.

Trash The Dress:

Trash The Dress isn't a wedding day photography style, but it is a session that you can add onto your wedding photography package. Trash the dress session take place after the wedding and feature the bride in her wedding gown in unusual places; water, nature, fields, etc. Some brides also will literally trash their dress and have paint/glitter thrown on them, play paintball, have graffiti sprayed on them, or even set it on fire. Some brides will do this session themselves and some include their groom.


Just like Trash The Dress, Boudoir photography is a service that you can add on to your wedding packages. It is done before the wedding and features the bride-to-be, although some brides and grooms will do a couple session. Usually boudoir photography will be something the bride does and gives as a present to the groom. This session features the bride in lingerie in a high fashion way. Think of "Film Noir" or "Pin-Up" images.

What style is the style you should choose?:

After reading through the styles you may be asking yourself which one is your style. Is there a particular style you gravitate towards? Are there certain images on blogs or from a friends wedding that you absolutely love? Use those images to try to narrow down your style. Many photographers will incorporate several different styles so if you want a blend of a couple different styles you should be able to find a photographer that does both. There is no right or wrong style when it comes to wedding photography, they all produce beautiful images. Not sure if your photographer offers the style you are interested in? Just ask! If a photographer can't tell you what style or styles they usually photograph in, then you may want to look into different photographers.

What is Jasmine Norris Photography's style?:

I use a blend of styles, focusing primarily on more of a photojournalistic approach while incorporating in traditional photography elements as well. I also will use some artistic and fashion elements to capture all the little details. I love to shoot in natural light as much as possible, but I will use flashes and lighting when needed. Jasmine Norris Photography also offers Trash The Dress and Boudoir sessions as well! :)


Wedding Wednesday (formerly Monday Wedding Madness) is a blog series that occurs every Wednesday and answers the questions you have about wedding photography. Have a question you would like to have answered or something that you wish you would have known before your wedding or are you a wedding professional who would like to contribute? Send your questions to



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