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Why You Should Consider a Videographer For Your Wedding- Wedding Wednesday

This is the first of hopefully many vendor features! I am going to have a few vendors featured on Wedding Wednesdays and have them talk a little about what they do and why it is beneficial for you on your wedding day!

Today's post is going to be on why you should consider having a videographer on your wedding day. Everyone knows that they need to hire a professional photographer so that they will have amazing images from their wedding. A lot of people do not consider hiring a videographer. Videographers are able to capture your wedding in a way that I, and other photographers, are not able to do. Videographers get to capture not only amazing footage but also the sound and movement of your wedding and they are able to present it in a beautiful cinematic way.

I did not hire a videographer on my wedding day and I regret that! Devin and I set up a personal handheld video camera at the back of the room for the ceremony so we could send it to his grandmother who was unable to make the trip to Indiana for our wedding and so we would have a copy of our ceremony. Guess what? I don't think we ever sent that copy to his grandmother because we just didn't have time to convert it to a DVD and edit it. I think we maybe skimmed through it once and that was it! And, shocker, it wasn't amazing. If we hired a videographer for our whole wedding I am certain that we would break out the video and watch it every once in awhile and especially on our anniversaries. We NEVER break out our video and to be honest, it is still on the camera's memory card and not even in DVD format. We got married 3 years ago.... Now I get to see my couple's wedding videos and I'm jealous!

Today John of Your Dream Filmworks is going to give you another little pep talk about why you should hire a videographer and a little bit about him and his business. John has been the videographer for a couple of the wedding that I have photographed and he is an amazing guy and does great work. You should most certainly check him out!

Here is John in action at Jasmina and Cyrus' wedding last year at Clayshire Castle!

"A picture is worth a thousand words, and Your Dream Filmworks agrees. But can that picture re-read your vows? Or relive heartwarming toasts given by a best man or maid of honor? Can you hear the playlist that you took hours to carefully curate? Can you see the girls catch the bouquet? Or watch all of the groomsmen dodge the garter? Can you hear the voices of your parents, grandparents, and all other loved ones congratulate you on your big day?

There are a lot of wedding memories that get left at the wayside in photography that Your Dream Filmworks wants to help you preserve.

Your Dream Filmworks is owned and operated by John Wakim of Indianapolis, Indiana. Wakim has been working behind a camera since he was 15 years old as the photographer for his high school yearbook. But it wasn’t until he won a film contest in college when he found his true passion. Wakim majored in Film/Broadcasting at Indiana State University and spent a few years working in Student Media. By the end of his Junior year, Wakim got a job at WTHI-TV News 10 in Terre Haute, IN. Wakim worked at News 10 for almost 3 years until he decided to pursue a freelance videography career. Wakim has been filming weddings since 2011 and has been striving every day to improve his craft."

Here's one of his highlight videos and this one is from Megan and Greg's beautiful wedding!!!! I know you all will remember Megan and Greg from my website and blog! :)


Wedding Wednesday (formerly Monday Wedding Madness) is a blog series that occurs every Wednesday and answers the questions you have about wedding photography. Have a question you would like to have answered or something that you wish you would have known before your wedding or are you a wedding professional who would like to contribute? Send your questions to


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