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Bouquet Inspiration- Wedding Wednesday

One crucial accessory for the bride is the bouquet! Bouquets are beautiful and can help pull your whole wedding day look together. They also come in handy when it comes to your portraits.

Bridal bouquets have adapted to the times throughout the years. Back in ancient times, garlic, herbs, and spices were in the bouquet to ward off evil spirits and to symbolize life, hope, and fertility. Later on, the herbs and spices were replaced with edible flowers and the bride, groom, and guests would eat the bouquet for good luck and to stimulate fertility.

Now, the bridal bouquet doesn't really hold the ties and symbolism that it used to (except for the bouquet toss!) and it is now a means of expression.

You can truly make your bouquet your own and incorporate your favorite flowers, heirlooms, or something that represents you.