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Wedding Photography Styles: Wedding Wednesday

Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

It's been awhile since I've mentioned Wedding Photography Styles so I figured it was time for me to do another post on the subject! As you search for your wedding photographer you will run across many different styles of photography. All styles are a little different and you will most likely gravitate towards a certain style. Knowing what style you like will help you find your perfect wedding photographer.

Below are the top Wedding Photography Styles. Do keep in mind that most photographers will utilize more than one style so not all photographers will stick to one style only.


Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

When you think of traditional wedding photography, think of your parents and grandparent's wedding albums. A traditional style photographer focus' on the classic traditional poses. This type of photographer usually works off of a shot list and will pose each photo adjusting clothing, body, and background. When you think of the formal family portraits that you see being taken after the ceremony, that is what this style of photography is. Normally these photos are not the ones you see featured on wedding blogs, but photos that will make it into the wedding album.


Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

Photojournalistic wedding photography is the photography that you see most on wedding blogs. This style of photography focus' on capturing the wedding as it unfolds. Instead of focusing on posing the photos the photographer will capture moments as they unfold without much interaction. Think of the laughing photos of guest, people dancing, the bride and groom hugging and interacting with guests, etc.


Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

Fashion or High-Fashion wedding photography focus' on dramatic images that showcase the fashion. Think of those images of the wedding gowns hanging from the tree, shoe photos, clothing detail photos, etc. This also is brought into the couple and formal portraits as well and the photographer will utilize fashion poses and expressions.


Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography