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How Do We Cut The Wedding Cake?- Wedding Wednesday

How To Cut The Wedding Cake Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

There are a lot of details that are usually overlooked when planning your wedding. One of those details is the cutting of the wedding cake. Most couples when they go to cut their cake look at me or their wedding planner in panic and ask us for help. We know that you haven't gone through a wedding before and researching how to cut your cake isn't something that you think to do during your wedding planning and we are glad to help walk you through it!

So let's get down to it! How to cut the wedding cake:

1. Before we get started we need to discuss where you cut the cake! If you have a cake with multiple tiers then you will cut the bottom layer. The top layer will be preserved for your 1 year anniversary and then the remaining layers will be cut up for your guests. Your cake designer will let you know the best place to cut it. Multi-layer cakes sometimes have plastic and cardboard supports to help the cake hold it's shape so you won't want to try to cut into one of those! If you happen to have a problem cutting through, then try a different spot. If you are having a one tier cake, cupcakes, pie, or something else, then you can start your cut wherever you would like.

2. The bride will hold the cake knife and start making the first cut. The groom will place his hand on top of hers and help guide her hand. After the first cut is made you can make another cut so you can slide out the cake slice with the cake server. Remember, this piece does not need to be a full piece, just something small that's big enough for you each to take a bite. You will get your full piece after the cake is cut.

3. Once the piece is removed, cut it into two pieces.

4. The groom will feed the bride first and then the bride will feed the groom.

5. Remember, you don't have to follow these "rules"! Do what comes natural or if you want to do something outside of the box that is fine too! It's your wedding day, so make it your own!

6. Last thing to remember. Traditionally, the cutting of the wedding cake is the signal that it's okay for your guests to start heading home. You will want to keep that in mind when you schedule your cake cutting in your wedding timeline in case you have any events after the cake cutting where you want all your guests to be present.

How To Cut The Wedding Cake Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

How To Cut The Wedding Cake Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

How To Cut The Wedding Cake Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography


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