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When To Not Wear Your Engagement or Wedding Ring- Wedding Wednesday

5 Times Not To Wear Your Engagement Ring Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography Lafayette Indianapolis

Recently, The Knot published an article on when you shouldn't wear your engagement ring (see article here: Don't Wear Your Engagement Ring in Chlorine) and I wanted to pass along some of that advice as well as some more advice so you can make sure your engagement ring (and wedding ring) will last a lifetime!

Don't Wear Your Engagement Ring During the Following Activities:

1. While Cleaning

You shouldn't wear your engagement ring while you are cleaning anything, whether that's cleaning your house, car, or whatever else! Most of the cleaning supplies you use have some pretty harsh ingredients. Those ingredients can damage your diamond or gemstone and can even hurt the finish on your band.

2. While Doing Yard Work and Repairs

Yard work is usually hard work! If you are moving paver stones, trimming the bushes, or laying down sod, you will want to remove your ring. It is easy for your ring to slip off of your finger and get lost. However, that's not the main concern. When you lift heavy object or use hand tools, it puts pressure on your ring. This pressure can warp the shape of your band and can cause diamonds and gemstones to fall out.

3. While Using Harsh Products

I mentioned cleaning supplies above, but remember that any harsh product can damage your ring! This includes hair dye, hair removal products, beauty products, shampoos, and lotion. Beauty products and lotions can cause cloudy buildup on diamonds that make it hard to clean and can cause permanent damage to gemstones. Not only that, but they can also buildup around your prongs which will make it hard to tell if you have a loose stone which enhances your chance of loosing a stone! It's always better to just take your ring off.

4. While Swimming

Most people know that wearing your ring while swimming is a risk since your fingers contract and it makes it easy for your ring to slip off, however, the chemicals are also a danger. Chlorine can cause serious damage to your ring and salt water can also slowly damage your ring. The sand is also a culprit and can wedge itself into small corners and slowly scratch your ring.

5. While At The Gym

Remember those yard tools we spoke of earlier? Weights and workout equipment can have the same effect. The pressure from them can warp your band and cause pressure (or lack of pressure) on your stones.

Remember, to keep your ring in a safe and secure location when you're not wearing it. Avoid just tossing it in a bag where it can easily get scratched or sit it on a counter where it can easily get lost. Keep it in a ring box or jewelry bag.


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