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How To Pin On The Boutonniere: Wedding Wednesday

How To Pin On The Boutonniere Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography Lafayette Indianapolis

When it comes time to take the couple portraits and wedding party portraits on a wedding day, I always get one frantic question. "Where is this "thing" supposed to go and how do I pin it on?" That "thing" is the boutonniere! Although your photographer and wedding coordinator are pros at pinning on boutonnieres and are always willing to help, hopefully this blog post will help you some!

Steps To Pinning On A Boutonniere:

Step 1. Hold the boutonniere in your non-dominate hand with the pin in your dominant hand.

Step 2. Place the boutonniere on the left lapel of the jacket about 4 inches down from the shoulder. Flowers should be toward the face with the stem pointing down. There should be a "flat" side to the boutonniere, that is the side that should face the jacket. If a jacket is not being worn , you can pin the boutonniere around the same location on a shirt.

Step 3. Once the boutonniere looks correct, take the pin and start pinning from the reverse side of the lapel. Push the pin through the lapel so it is sticking out around where the head of the flowers start.

Step 4. Push the pin down into the stem and the boutonniere wrapping.

Step 5. Continue pushing the pin down and back so that it comes out of the back of the boutonniere stem.

Step 6. Push pin back through the lapel so the sharp end rests against the reverse of the lapel.

Step 7. Lastly, check the boutonniere and make sure it is secure.


It may take a couple of tries to get the pin through and the boutonniere secured tightly.

Be careful of pushing the pin through too hard or fast because you can easily prick your fingers or the wearer.

If you can't get the pin all the way through the stem and back to the lapel, don't fret! Check to see if it's secure and if it is, you're good to go!

If you have a particularly full or heavy boutonniere you may need to use two pins. If this is the case, pin the boutonniere as directed above and then do the same steps but from the bottom of the boutonniere going up to the flower.

If you feel like you would rather not have to deal with a pin, ask your florist about a magnetic option! :)


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