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Two Main Things To Look For In A Wedding Photographer: Wedding Wednesday

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Choosing a photographer for your wedding can be a big task! You want beautiful images of your wedding and want it documented the best day possible, you want to stay within your budget, there are tons of photographers to choose from, and you need to find a photographer who is available on your wedding date. Those along with many other factors run through your head while looking for your wedding photographer. However, there are two main factors that you should consider when choosing the photographer for your big day.

1. Do you love their images?

This one seems pretty obvious, right? You obviously want to find a photographer who produces great images but it goes beyond that. Each wedding photographer will have a certain style of their own and way they document a wedding day. Even though two photographers may produce images in the same style, they are still not the same. Once you figure out what type of photography you are wanting from your wedding day (light/bright images, dark/moody images, traditional wedding coverage, photojournalism wedding coverage, etc) then you can start to narrow down photographers who match what you're wanting. If you like the light images that you see in wedding blogs then you probably wouldn't want to go with a wedding photographer who has darker work and vice versa. Even though both photographers may be great at their style, you still will want to pick that one that matches your vision. Once you find a few photographers who match the photography style that you are wanting, go through the work on their website, look through their social media pages, and look at highlights/full weddings. While you are looking at their work, ask yourself once simple question "If this was my wedding would I love these images?". If your answer is yes for the vast majority of their work that you see, then they are probably a great fit for you! However, if you love some of the work but don't love all of it, then you may want to keep looking.

2. Do you mesh well with their personality?

A lot of couples overlook this detail. If you love their work why does it matter if your personalities mesh well? This actually becomes a lot more important than most people think! Your wedding photographer will be with you all day on your wedding day. They will be within a few feet of you throughout the whole day and will be interacting with you. Besides the wedding day, you will spend a lot of time over email, phone chats, meetings, etc making sure that your timeline, wedding day, and portraits will run smoothly. You will want to have photographer who makes you feel comfortable and at ease. This is really a personal decision and not every couple will mesh with every photographer and that's okay! There are a lot of aspects that can contribute to this factor besides just how well you get along: how they respond to emails, how much help they provide, how laid back or authoritative they are, along with other things. You may love a photographer's work but just don't mesh well with them and if that's the case, it's okay to choose a different photographer.


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