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How to Get Your Hair Photo Ready For Your Wedding- Wedding Wednesday

It is only natural to want to look your best for your big day but choosing the right hair photo is not an easy task. Our hair types can vary as much as our personalities, so what may work for someone else may not necessarily work for you and vice versa! But don’t worry, this article is here to help guide you along the process. No matter your hair type, from 1a to 4c, you’re going to look incredible and you will find the right hair photo for you.

Create A Scrapbook Begin your hair photo search by creating a scrapbook that will hold all of your potential hair photos in place. Digital scrapbooks can include Pininterest, your own Wordpress blog or a word processor document. Alternatively, some of us may prefer tangible scrapbooks that we can look at away from the computer and take to show our friends. By creating a scrapbook early on, you minimise the risk of finding the perfect hair photo only to lose it before you decide it’s the one. A good scrapbook will also include a little information about where you found the hair photo. Sometimes hair photos will come with instructions and with side and front views as well as the back, which can be a very helpful guide to your hairstylist, as well as confirming to you what the hair will look like from other angles.

Think About Your Wedding Theme A dream wedding always has a consistent theme, and your hair is no exception. For example, if your wedding theme sits on the spring season and will have a lot of beautiful flowers on show, then perhaps you could consider having flower ornaments in your hair? If you plan to have a luxury and well to do wedding, then consider having rhinestones in your hair along with a neat updo. If you are going for a relaxed, garden or fantasy theme, wedding hair with plaits and braids will fit nicely.

Think About The Weather Before we get to the hair photo details we need to consider what kind of weather you may be facing during your wedding, especially if you are having an outdoor wedding. Is there a chance it could be quite windy? Could there be a risk of a little rain? If so, long straight styles may not be as practical as stylish hair buns. If your wedding is during the popular summer season then consider a hairstyle that will avoid touching the forehead, as it could make the hair look sweaty and greasy before the ever important wedding photo shoot. Now let’s take a look at hair wedding styles to match your hair type. If you’re not too sure what your hair type is, Wikihow has a helpful guide.

Wedding Styles For Oily Hair Naturally oily hair has its perks - it can be styled easier than other hair types and holds a sexy wedding plait well. You’ll want to choose a hair photo which will leave you with a style you won’t need to occasionally touch and readjust, which means that hair accessories or anything that could cause you to itch (like a fringe) should be avoided. Consider a dutch braid crown or a waterfall braid.

Wedding Styles For Fine Hair Fine hair is the perfect excuse to go simple and elegant with an updo or a twisted half updo. Some people with fine hair might find that hair accessories may be hard to keep in. Bridal flower crowns are a perfect compromise which will allow you to stand out and can nicely complement your chosen wedding theme colors. Bridal flower crowns also work great for both short and long hair. As an alternative, if you prefer to avoid an updo and have long fine hair, consider choosing a hair photo that has a simple and loose fishtail at the back or a simple braided headband. The style will make you look elegant with a touch of raw feminine energy.

Wedding Styles For Coily 4c Hair Beautiful, coily 4c hair gives you loads of hair wedding style options from a fancy chignon to a rocking wedding afro, to a smooth updo. And what’s more, once properly conditioned and styled 4c hair will stay put for your wedding day. Choose to emphasise your personality when choosing your hair photo. If you enjoy to laugh and live life to the full, consider going full out with a hair photo that is all about big hair. If you prefer to go fancy, modern afro buns could be the way to go. For more ideas, take a look at wedding styles for 4c hair.

Wedding Styles For Long Hair Much like 4c hair, long hair gives you plenty of options for your chosen wedding hair photo. If you have long hair that is a little thick, a long bohemian side braid will make you look like a queen. Pull through braids, mermaid braids and headband braids will also work especially well. Feel free to choose an updo style if you’d prefer, however be warned that long hair held in an updo will bring weight onto your neck which might not be comfortable to keep for the entire wedding day.

Present Your Wedding Hairstyle Photo Finally, be sure to give the hairstylist advanced notice on your chosen wedding hairstyle photo, and be prepared to have a plan B and a plan C. Sometimes your hairstylist will suggest a slight adjustment to your chosen style in order to suit the shape of your face and your hair type. Don’t feel that you have to give in to their suggestions and definitely don’t feel pressured to go for a style that doesn’t have you convinced. Instead, find a hairstylist you can trust who is friendly enough to talk through options and get to know your hair vision for the big day.

By Hollie Jones Hollie is a freelance writer and co-writer for the Hollie and the Ivy blog. She has many passions including crafts, interior design and healthy living. And of course, she LOVES all things wedding. Hollie enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with others through writing.

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