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5 Things You Should Tell Your Wedding Photographer: Wedding Wednesday

Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

Wedding Photographers are ninja's and have an inept ability to anticipate and capture special moments as they happen on your wedding day. We have photographed enough weddings that we can tell when someone is getting ready to do something crazy, someone is going to give you a big hug, or even when you and your new spouse may escape to the corner for some private time.

As much as well love surprises and capturing those surprise images there are certain things that you should let us know before your big day.

1. Family Portraits

Although we have ninja like abilities we still may not know who Aunt Gertrude or Cousin Cory is and that you would like to have a portrait with them. Giving us this list will help make sure we get those images for you.

2. Surprises

Although you may be planning a surprise for your guests or even your new spouse, you should loop your photographer in on this. Letting them know will allow them to make sure they are ready and in the correct location so they can capture the surprise. Surprises can be anything from a choreographed dance, to a speech, to a present, and everything else.

3. Outfit Change

Are you planning on changing your dress/outfit for the reception? Let your photographer know so they can make sure that they get some detail shots of your new outfit!

4. Sentimental Items

Are you using your grandmother's handkerchief? Is there a special item at your wedding that has been passed down throughout the generations? Is there a family tradition? Let your photographer know so they can be sure to get some special photos of it for you. When your photographer knows that it has special ties to you, instead of just getting a photo of it, they can be sure to capture it in a special way.

5. Family Tension

You do not need to go into detail about any family tension but letting your photographer know that Grandpa Bill and Uncle Tom do not get along will help make sure they don't pull them over for a portrait.

If you are trying to decide if something is worth mentioning to your photographer, go ahead an mention it! We want to make sure we are informed so we can capture your wedding details!


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