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Best Honeymoon Destinations by Date: Wedding Wednesday

Best Honeymoon Destinations by Date Destination Wedding Photographer Photography

Besides your wedding, the one thing that you are also looking forward to is your honeymoon! Weddings planning can be exhausting and time consuming so your honeymoon is a welcome week of relaxation. A time for you an your spouse to relax and enjoy married life without any distractions. You want your honeymoon to be relaxing and hopefully not too hot, cold, or rainy. Here is the ideal time to go to some of the top honeymoon destinations.


This tropical beach location is best to be visited from November to April.


Bermuda's best months are also months that are enjoyable in the US, from May to October.


One of the top honeymoon locations. The best months to visit are normally between December to May. You will want to avoid visiting during hurricane season which is August-October.


If you are looking for more culture, then Europe is a great choice! Visit between September to October for the best weather.


A popular destination if you want to stay stateside or if you want to visit Disney World. March and April as well as October and November are great months to visit. Avoid popular Spring Break and Fall Break weeks if you want to avoid the crowds.


Who hasn't dreamed of a Hawaii honeymoon? Best months to visit are March to July and October to November. Although anytime is great to visit since the average temperatures are still in the 75 range during the winter. The wettest months are November to March, however.

Las Vegas

Want to enjoy the shows and slot? Then Las Vegas may be your location! Visit in March, April, October, and November for the best timing.


Another super popular honeymoon destination. You will want to visit between October to May.

Southeast Asia

Visiting between November to February is your best bet.

South Pacific

May to October is a great time to visit! If you are planning on visiting Fiji, avoid January and February which are the high risk months for Pacific cyclones.


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