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Quick and Simple Wedding Day Advice: Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Day Advice Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography Indianapolis Lafayette

1. Remember to drink water.

Wedding days are long and can be hot! The weather may be hot and your dress and tux are hot. Remember to take some time to drink water throughout the day. Sounds simple enough, but with the fast pace of the day, it can be easily forgotten.

2. Have an emergency kit.

You will more than likely need scissors, bandaids, hair pins, toothpaste, lighters, and more on your wedding day. Having a small kit with some necessary items can end up being a life saver!

3. Practice getting into your wedding attire.

This is going to be very important if you have a complicated wedding outfit. A lot of brides have gowns that have a corset or a complicated bustle, it can take time to do and can be frustrating. Practice putting on your outfit a couple of times before your wedding can help put your mind at ease. Be sure to have your outfit helpers present since they will be the ones who are actually helped into your outfit, tying the corset, or bustling the gown.

4. Communicate with your photographer.

Be sure to keep your photographer updated on any changes to the timeline or any special family situations such as divorces and deaths. This will help make sure everything runs smoothly on your wedding day and will help relieve any difficult family situations.

5. Correlate your wedding details.

Before your wedding photography arrives, be sure to have all of your wedding details gathered and in one location. Your photographer will start photographing your details when they arrive so having your shoes, jewelry, rings, garter, etc ready and in one location will help cut down on time.

6. Face each other during the ceremony.

Your guests, and your photographer, want to see you during your ceremony and not your backs. Facing each other will make sure that your profiles are able to be seen and will allow your photographer to get some great reaction shots. Try not to look at your officiant too much and enjoy looking at your soon to be spouse! Another thing to keep in mind is if you are doing a unity ceremony (candle, sand, wine, etc). If you can face your guests while doing this ceremony it is ideal instead of having your back to your guests and photographer. Instead of turning around to light the candles, pour the sand, etc, go to the back of the table so you can face your guests while you do it.


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