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8 Wedding Planning Tasks for the Hands-on Groom: Wedding Wednesday


 Image credit: Pexels

Planning a wedding isn't only meant to be done by the bride. There are tasks the groom can do to help lighten the load of wedding planning. Working on some of the items will not only help the bride out, it will make the groom feel like he's taking an active part in the wedding itself. Here are eight tasks a groom can set his mind on.

Choose your entourage

Your best man and groomsmen make up your entourage. This group should consist of people who are close and dear to you. It's best to ask them as early as possible because these roles may have certain responsibilities tied to them.

Your friends, brothers, and even your soon-to-be brother in law would make ideal selections for your entourage. Don't forget to thank them for accepting the role. If you really want to show them how grateful you are, consider getting them unique groomsmen gifts.

Narrow down your guest list

Depending on the scale of the wedding, it can be difficult to trim down the guest list. If it's a big wedding, it is ideal for the groom to plan along side his parent whom should go on the groom's side of the guest list.

With smaller weddings, usually it's only the immediate family that's involved. If this is the case, you should discuss with your wife-to-be who should and shouldn't be going. 

Process the marriage license

You should process your marriage license one month before the wedding at the latest. This is something you and your fiancé will have to do together. Certain cities have different or additional requirements so make sure you have everything you need before going. 

Plan the honeymoon

Of course choosing where to go for your honeymoon is something that you both have to decide together, you can lighten the load for her by making all the reservations and arrangements.

Make sure to budget your honeymoon correctly. You don't want to end up spending a fortune for your honeymoon. It also helps to read about the country's culture and popular destinations if you decide to fly out of the country.

Hire the entertainment

Music is the heart of the party, and it is your duty to find that source of entertainment that keeps the party going. A good DJ can hype up your guests or create a romantic atmosphere for your first dance as husband and wife. 

If you're up for the task, it would be a plus to write down songs that are memorable or significant to you and your fiancé. Let the DJ know ahead of time what these songs are so they can incorporate it in their playlist. 

Shop for the wedding rings

Type of metal, style, gems, size- there are a lot to consider when it comes to selecting your wedding rings. Some opt for classic unornamented rings, while others choose to go for real diamond wedding bands. Choose what you think fits you and your bride best. 

Suit up

Figuring out your wardrobe is also dependent on the theme and venue of the wedding. You would not want to be wearing a casual linen suit to an elegant evening wedding at a swanky hotel. A dark, sleek suit or tux would be a better choice for the occasion. 

Keep in mind that the suit is not the only thing you should pick out. Shoes, cufflinks, belt, and other items should also be considered. Your outfit should compliment your bride's and the wedding party's attire too. 

Write your vows

It's best to write your vows a month before the wedding. That way, you have time to make changes and polish it so that it's the best that it could be. Find inspiration from how you feel about your soon-to-be-wife. Don't try to use big words just to sound fancy. Be real. Be you. 

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