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I'm Jasmine and I'm a wedding photographer based in Indiana but I serve clients worldwide!

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How To Look Photogenic On Your Wedding Day: Wedding Wednesday

Indiana Wedding Photographer Look Photogenic On Your Wedding Day Lafayette Indianapolis

1. Choose a photographer you are comfortable with.

Your photographer will be with you your whole wedding day. It is important that you are comfortable begin with your photographer and that your personalities mesh together well. Having a photographer who your comfortable with and you trust will allow you to relax which will make sure you get more authentic moments and not fake and forced smiles.

2. Utilize your hair and makeup trial.

Make sure you have a hair and makeup trial. You will want to make sure that your makeup and hair are exactly what you want and what will make you look your best. You won't want the first time to be the day of your wedding. I always suggest scheduling your makeup trial for the day of your engagement session. This will allow you to see what your makeup will look like in your wedding photos.

3. Schedule an engagement session with your wedding photographer.

The number one thing you can do to make sure your wedding photos look their best is to have an engagement session with your wedding photographer. You will be able to get a feel for the way they work behind the camera and can learn some of their core poses. This will make everything run smoother and easier on the wedding day.

4. Make sure your dress and shoes are comfortable.

Having a dress that's too tight or constricting or shoes that aren't very comfortable will automatically make you stiff and uncomfortable which will make your images look stiff and awkward. Choose something that you love but something that you are also going to want to wear for 8-10+ hours.

5. Trust your photographer.

Trust your photographer and the locations that they choose for your portraits. The light plays a BIG part of how photogenic you will look in your portraits. Harsh direct light can cause shadows that won't let you look your best. Put your trust in your photographer's locations and you will have beautiful images.

For all you photographers out there who may need some help on editing your images, then you will want to check out the amazing article from ShootDotEdit, "How to Edit Wedding Photos – ShootDotEdit's Expert Tips"! There is a lot of information on workflow and how to deal with some of the top editing requests/problems! Be sure to check it out!


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