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Take Off Your Engagement Ring: Wedding Wednesday

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We are in the thick of engagement season and I love seeing everyone's happy posts and seeing all of the gorgeous rings! I thought it would be a great time to make a little post about when you should take that gorgeous engagement ring off! I know you don't want to take off your gorgeous ring but if you want to keep it in great shape then you will want to take it off during the following activities.

When Using Harsh Chemicals and Products

If you are going to be using cleaning supplies, take your ring off. The hash chemicals can damage your setting and stone. You also will want to keep this in mind when using any cosmetic products as well such as shampoos, lotion, hair dyes, etc. The chemicals in cosmetic products can harm your ring just as much as cleaning supplies!

While Doing Certain Activities

If you are swimming, skydiving, or doing other activities that could cause your ring to fall off of your finger and get lost then be sure to take your ring off. Storing your ring in a ring box and keeping it inside will be the best. Not only can you risk having your ring slip off and be lost forever but it can also get damaged by the chemicals or force of your activity.

While Exercising

You may think that you won't run the risk of losing your ring while at the gym or come in contact with any harsh chemicals and that may be true, however, force is the risk factor here. Weather you are lifting weights or doing pushups you are putting force on your ring. By continuing to put force on your ring you will risk bending your ring out of shape and can even risk losing a stone due to the force placed on the prongs. Store your ring in your gym locker or leave it at home.


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