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Two Weeks Before The Wedding Checklist: Wedding Wednesday

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You have just two weeks before your wedding! YAY! This time is super exciting and you just want your wedding to hurry up and get here but there are still a few things left on the to-do list. Here are the last minute items that you can do now to make the week before your wedding a little less stressful!

Finish The Guest List

Make sure you have all the RSVP's and call anyone who hasn't RSVP'd yet. You will need the final count for your caterer and venue. After all RSVP's are accounted for, finish up the seating chart.

Vendor Check In

If you haven't heard from your vendors yet, send them an email with any last minute information that they may need. Make sure they all have address to the ceremony and reception, confirm any delivery and set up times, and exchange day of contact numbers for both them and you and your fiancé.

Correlate The Final Payments

Final payments for all your vendors are usually due at this time, if not before. Go ahead and start writing those checks and correlating any payments so you will have those ready for each vendor. You will also want to correlate cash tips for your vendors as well. Go ahead and put them in an envelope with a thank you card so they will be ready to be handed over to your point person that day who will be distributing the tips.

Organize Your Day Of People

These are people who will be helping out throughout the day and will be taking on tasks so that you and your fiancé won't have to do them and can enjoy your day. You will want to make sure these people have all the information that they need and are informed of their duties. Some common Day Of People are as follows:

Point Person: The person who's overseeing everything, guests questions, vendor questions, and anything in between.

Tip Person: The person who is responsible for giving out the tips or issuing any last minute payments.

Gift Person: This person is responsible for correlating the gifts at the end of the night and delivering them to you.

Photo Helper: Your wedding photographer won't know who Aunt Sally and Uncle Harry are. Having someone present during family formals who knows your families is best. They can help your photographer correlate people and point out people who they may be missing.

Put Together Your Day Of Items

Go ahead and start putting together everything you need for the day of your wedding. Everything from your clothing items to the ceremony and reception items. Common ceremony items: vows and readings, marriage license, programs, unity items, aisle runner, basket/pillow for attendants, ceremony signs/decorations. Common reception items: table numbers, escort cards, menus, favors, guest book/sign, cake knife, cake topper. Common getting ready room items: full length mirror, steamer, vases for bouquets, paper towels.

Get Your Outfit Ready

Steam your dress, press your suit, clean dirty shoes, and anything else! Make sure you keep everything in a cool, dry room that isn't in direct sunlight.

Distribute The Final Timeline

Make sure everyone has a copy of the timeline for the day and bring along some extra copies in case someone forgets theirs. Everyone who is a part of your wedding or helping out should have the timeline. This includes, vendors, wedding party attendants, parents, day of people, etc.


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