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Tips For The Perfect Wedding Rehearsal Dinner or Wedding Welcome Party: Wedding Wednesday

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Whether you are planning on having a wedding rehearsal dinner the day before your wedding or a wedding welcome party, then this blog post is for you! Your wedding rehearsal or kick off party is an event that really gets your wedding weekend started! Some couples will opt to just do the rehearsal and a dinner for their wedding party/family and other couples will have a welcome party for all the guests that is a full event in itself. Regardless of what you are planning on doing, this event sets the tone for your wedding so you will want it to go off without a hitch!

1. Start With The Guest List

First things first, you will want to craft up the guest list for your event. Are you planning on just having the wedding party and parents or are you wanting to invite all of your wedding guests or are you thinking something in between? Figuring our the guest list first will help you plan the rest of the festivities.

2. Make a Game Plan

Start to think of what exactly you would like to do for the event. Do you just want to do a run through of the wedding and then go to dinner or are you planning something more elaborate and more of a full day event with brunch, cocktails, and games? Also start thinking about start and end times for the event. You will want to make sure you have enough time allotted to do all the events you are planning but you will also want to make sure the event ends early enough that you and all your guests can get some rest before the big day.

3. Think Of A Venue

Next thing that you are going to want to do is start to think of a venue for your event. Will you be holding it at the same venue as your wedding, will you be doing a dinner at a restaurant, will it be in a backyard/park? Since you know your guest list size and the game plan for the day that makes this step a little easier.

4. Consider The Menu

If your venue is at a restaurant then your menu options will be pretty straightforward. If you are having your event elsewhere then you will need to get a caterer and will have to decide if you want a plated meal, buffet, or a make your own food event. Don't be afraid to do something you love instead of having a sit down meal. Maybe you both love barbecue and s'mores and can do a barbecue and s'mores bar or maybe you want to have a local food truck come. The options here are limitless!

5. Invite Your Guest

Now it's time to actually let your guests know about the event. You can do e-invites if your event is more casual or you can mail out invitations. Just make sure you let people know what to expect, will there be food/drinks, and start and end times.

6. Have An Ice Breaker

If you are inviting guests who may not all know each other, having some sort of ice breaker will be great. This will get them talking and meeting each other so they have a great time at the event. Bonus: this will also make sure they all know each other for the wedding day!

7. Personalize and Make It Meaningful

Just like your wedding, you will want to personalize this event as well! You can have a slideshow playing with images of you and your fiancé together and as children, you can play a game you both love, etc! Personalizing your event to you and your fiancé will make the event just that more fun!


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