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How To Change Your Name After The Wedding: Wedding Wednesday

How To Change Your Name After The Wedding Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

You're married! YAY! I know your wedding was a dream come true and you are basking in wedded bliss! Some of you may be planning on taking your fiancé's last name or hyphenating your name. If that is the case then you may be a bit overwhelmed and not know where to start. This Wedding Wednesday blog post is for you! Here are the steps that you need to take to change your name.

1. Obtain Your Marriage Certificate

Before you can start with your name change quest you will first need to have the official marriage certificate with the seal. You will probably want to go ahead and order a few copies of your certificate because there are several places that will need this after the wedding and it may take awhile if you are sending one copy to multiple places. You can obtain additional copies of your certificate from your counties clerk's office.

2. Change The Name On Your Social Security Card

Once you have your official marriage license then the next step is to change the name on your social security card. Your social security number will stay the same, only your name will change. You can find the form that you need on their WEBSITE and then can either mail in your application or schedule an appointment with your local Social Security Office. It will take awhile for your new card to come to you, about 10 days.

3. Obtain A New License From The DMV

You will need your social security card before you can obtain a new drivers license so be sure to wait until your new one comes in before you visit the DMV. You will also need your marriage certificate, current drivers license, and the list of items that they need such a proof of residence and more. Be sure to check their website to see what paperwork you need to bring with you. TIP: You can schedule an appointment with you local DMV for this! No more waiting in line for eons!

4. Change Your Name On Your Passport

If you already have your honeymoon booked or any travel already arranged then you will want to wait to change your passport until after the travel. It will be easier to travel under your maiden name and then change your passport afterwards. You will need all of the above documentation but you can fill out the forms and send the application and necessary information in to them. You can also visit a local passport office too if you prefer.

5. Contact Your Banks

You will more than likely need to visit a local branch to update your name but you may be able to do so online depending on your bank. They will need your new drivers license and marriage certificate but the name change should be fairly simple. If you are planning on opening a joint account with your new spouse then this is the perfect time to do this as well!

5. Change Your Name Across The Board

Now that you have the major and official things done, you will need to focus on everyone else that needs your name change. Some places will require a certificate and documentation and others may be a simpler process. Below are some other places that you will want to make sure have your new name.

- Employer


- All Utility Companies

- Landlord/Mortgage Company/Property Taxes

- Insurance Companies

- Doctors/Dentists

- Voter Registration

- Investment Accounts

- Airlines

- Email Accounts

- And Anyone Else That Needs Your Name!


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