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Should You Rent Or Buy Your Tux: Wedding Wednesday

Should You Rent Or Buy Your Wedding Tux Indiana Destination Wedding Photographer Photography Lafayette Indianapolis

Today for Wedding Wednesday we are going to be talking all about the tux! Some of you may plan to wear a tux, some of you may plan to wear a suit, or some of you may plan to wear something a little more casual with dress pants and a shirt. If you are planning on wearing a tux or a suit, then you may be trying to decide if you should rent your attire or just go ahead and buy it. This blog will discuss some of the pros and cons to both!


Cheaper Up Front

The cost of renting a tux or suit is a lot cheaper than buying one outright. Tuxes and suits are expensive so if you don't think you will get a lot of wear out of a suit, then this may be a great option for you! You can also splurge for a designer or higher end item since rental costs are a lot cheaper than buying one!

You'll Be Able To Match Your Wedding Party Perfectly

Rental places don't just rent to you but also rent to your wedding party. They have a lot of different options and have plenty of each suit option so they can fit your whole crew. This makes sure that your suit will match the rest of the wedding party. Some tux rental places even partner with bridesmaid rental places so if you plan on wearing a colored vest or tie, they can match the color perfectly to the bridesmaid dresses.

Accessories Are Included

When you rent, you get your cufflinks, ties, shoes, etc included in your rental. This allows you to get everything done at once!


Tailoring Options Are Limited

When you rent a tux or suit you are able to get it tailored but your tailoring options are pretty limited. Rental places usually just do basic alterations such as hemming the pants and jacket sleeves and that is pretty much it. They are also usually done in store and the tailors at the store aren't usually as skilled as an independent tailor. Because of these reasons, you aren't able to get the suit really tailored to fit your body.

It Is Used

Obviously you know that when you rent, someone else has more than likely worn the item. However, depending on how many uses the rental company allows for each suit, that may mean that your suit may not be perfect. There may be small stains or blemishes on your suit.


You Get A New Suit

If you are someone who wears a suit quite frequently then getting a new suit that's perfectly tailored to you may be perfect! It may also save you money in the long run since you will have a new suit to add to your rotation and it will save you money on renting a suit every time you may need one. They say that if you wear a suit at least 2 times a year then the cost will pay for itself.

You Are Able To Get It Tailored

When you buy your own suit you can get it tailored to fit you perfectly! Suits aren't made to fit directly off the rack so you will need to get it tailored. Independent tailors are usually more skilled than the tailors in rental places as well and can make sure your suit really fits you like a glove.

You Can Choose Your Own Accessories

Since accessories aren't usually included when you buy a tux or suit, you get to choose the accessories that are perfect for you!


More Expensive

Tuxes and suits are quite expensive. If you are someone who doesn't wear suits a lot then buying one outright may not be best for you.

May Not Be Able To Match Wedding Party

Just because you are buying a tux or suit doesn't necessarily mean that everyone in the wedding party will buy a tux or suit. This could cause you to not match your wedding party perfectly. This isn't a bad thing, but if you really want to be uniformed then you will want to keep this in mind.

You May Outgrow It

If you are someone who's weight fluctuates, then you may outgrow your suit after a year. You can certainly take it to be tailored again, but depending on your fluctuation, it still may not be a perfect fit.

You Will Need To Buy Your Own Accessories

If you aren't someone who usually wears ties, cufflinks, etc then this may just be an added cost for you since you would only get one use out of them.


Some rental companies will give the groom a free suit or tux with so many rentals. If you have a bigger wedding party, then you will probably rack up enough rentals to get that free suit! You can either use that for your wedding day or just get a different suit for future occasions.


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