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How To Make The Morning Of Your Wedding As Stress Free As Possible: Wedding Wednesday

How To Make The Morning Of Your Wedding As Stress Free As Possible Indiana Destination Wedding Photographer Photography Lafayette Indianapolis

It is FINALLY the day of your wedding! YAY! You are excited and can not wait to marry your fiancé and get the party started during the reception. The morning of your wedding can either be a relaxing time or can be a hectic time. Todays Wedding Wednesday blog has some tips to make sure the morning of your wedding is as stress free as possible so you can start your wedding day off on a good foot!

Make Sure To Get Some Rest The Night Before

It's tempting to party the night away the day before your wedding. Most couples will have a rehearsal dinner and may go to the bar afterwards. You can certainly do all of that but you will want to make sure that you have somewhat of an early night so you can rest and actually get some sleep before your wedding. Being well rested will always start your day off on a great foot!

Gather Your Items In Advance

The morning of your wedding you won't want to be running around your house gathering up your attire and details. Be sure you gather up all of these items in advance. Pack your wedding morning bag with everything that you need to take with you the day of your wedding. This will also help keep your mind at ease so you know you didn't forget anything.

Remember To Eat

It's easy to get caught up in all the getting ready details and forget to eat. Be sure you set some time aside to make sure you get a proper breakfast and/or lunch before all the wedding festivities begin. Wedding days can be long and if you forgo breakfast and lunch then you won't be feeling your best and will be counting down the hours until dinner.

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Obviously you may want to have some mimosas with your girls or have a couple of beers with the guys before the wedding happens and that's okay! However, you will want to limit your alcohol intake. No one wants to be drunk, sick, or hungover during their wedding ceremony.

Remember to Drink Water

Just like it's easy to forget to eat, it's also easy to forget to drink some water. You will want to make sure you stay hydrated throughout your wedding. Wedding days can be hot and hectic so staying hydrated will help make sure you feel your best.

Be Sure To Allow Extra Time

Things can naturally fall behind on a wedding day. If the morning of your wedding runs behind then the rest of your wedding day will be off track. Be sure you add some extra time into your getting ready timeline in case things do run a bit behind.

Be Sure To Wear Comfortable And The Right Clothes

You will obviously want to be comfortable the morning of your wedding so make sure your getting ready clothes will keep you comfortable. If you are getting your hair and makeup done, then you will want to wear a shirt that has a big neck line or that's a button up so you can be sure you won't mess up your hair or makeup. Pay attention to your wedding attire too. If you're a bride who is wearing a strapless wedding gown, you may want to forgo your bra during the morning of your wedding so you can make sure you won't have those bra imprints on your skin.

Have An Emergency Bag

Having an emergency bag with items that you may need on the wedding day can make sure you are set to tackle any mini emergencies that may come your way. You can put one together yourself or you can buy pre-made bags. Here's a post that has some common wedding day emergency kit items: Wedding Day Emergency Kit and you can view some pre-made wedding day emergency kits HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Take Some Time For Yourself

Before all wedding festivities begin, be sure to take a few moments for yourself. Drink some coffee in peace, take a relaxing shower/bath, read a chapter in a book, whatever will allow you to take some me time and relax.

Let Someone Else Take Over

The day of your wedding you do not need to be finalizing the details and answering phone calls. Hire a day of coordinator or even just appoint a trusted friend/family member to deal with anything that may come up. This will allow you to focus on your wedding day in the best way possible.

Limit The People In Your Getting Ready Room

Make sure the people in your getting ready area are really just your inner circle- your wedding party, parents, siblings. You don't need all of your friends, family members, or guests coming to see you before the wedding starts. This will just make you feel more stressed and can cut into your time. You will have plenty of time to visit with all of your other guests during your reception. Keep things simple during the getting ready portion of the day.


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