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Should You Have A Seating Chart For Your Wedding Reception: Wedding Wednesday

Should You Have A Seating Chart For Your Wedding Reception Indiana Destination Wedding Photographer Photography

With everything that you have going on and that you need to do for your wedding, the seating chart may be the last thing on your mind. Do you really need to make a seating chart for your guests? If you are asking yourself this question, below are 5 reasons why a having a seating chart can be beneficial!

Makes Sure Your Family And Special Guests Have Close Seats

Having a seating chart for your reception will make sure that your parents, siblings, and other close family and friends have a seat up front. Yes, all of your guests are important, but you will want those close family members to be up front and part of the action. You don't want your parent's to be stuck in the back of the room for the first dance and you won't want your grandma to have to maneuver her wheelchair through all the chairs. Having a seating chart will make sure everyone gets the best view!

Doesn't Require Any Additional Effort On Your Guests Part

Without a seating chart your guests will need to find seating on their own. This can be tricky if there are large families who may be left with tables that do not have enough seating for their whole family. Providing a seating chart lets guests know exactly where they need to go and will make sure families are able to sit together.

Provides Everyone With A Seat

Nothing is worse than having to guess if a seat is empty or asking someone to move their coat that is on a seat. With a seating chart, everyone knows what chairs and tables are full and can settle into their seats accordingly.

Allows Your Caterer To Know Where Each Dish Goes

If you are allowing your guests to choose between two dishes, then a seating chart will make sure that your caterer can serve everyone accordingly. Your caterer will know exactly where everyone is sitting and won't have to ask every person if they choose the chicken or the steak.

Let's Your Guests Find Their Seats Faster

Lastly, a seating chart helps your guests find their seat faster and can help you make sure that your reception starts on time. Since people won't have to scatter around to find a seat and can go straight to their table, the time needed to find seats is diminished.

Need more help with your seating chart? Come back next Wednesday for tips on how to make the perfect wedding seating chart!


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