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How To Make Your Wedding Seating Chart: Wedding Wednesday

How To Make Your Wedding Seating Chart Indiana Destination Wedding Photographer Photography

Last week we talked about 5 reasons you should have a seating chart for your wedding reception and today I have some tips for you all about making your seating chart! I know looking at your long guest list and trying to figure out who should sit where can be daunting. If you are struggling with coming up with the perfect seating chart, then hopefully this blog post will help!

Start With Your Immediate Family

When it comes to your seating chart, start with your immediate family. Your parent's, siblings, and other close family members should be seated up front with a great view of the headtable and dance floor. You will want to make sure they are close to you and are able to have the perfect view of all the main events. Start with one table for your immediate family and one table for your fiancé's immediate family and then spread out from there.

Consider Other Other Family and Friends

You probably have other family and friends who aren't part of your immediate family who you want to make sure are close. Once your immediate family is placed, these are the people that you should start with next.

Think About The Logistics

Logistics are important when it comes to the reception so everyone can move around and have fun. If anyone is in a wheelchair, you will want to make sure they are able to easily get to their table and have a place to store the wheelchair nearby. This also goes for anyone who has trouble walking. You also may need to consider the children who may be present. If they are small, you probably won't want to place them right next to the DJ's speakers or you may want to place them towards the back so they have room to play together during the reception events.

Make Sure Families/Groups Of Friends Can Sit Together

If you have large families that will be attending your wedding, they will want to sit together. It may be easier to start placing these families once you have your immediate family and special people seated. You can start a new table with each family so they can be sure to be able to sit together. This also holds true for friend groups. If your sorority sisters or fraternity brothers will be attending, placing them all at a table together can make things easier.

Fill In The Spaces With Couples and Singles

Once all of the above are seated, you can start filling in with the couples and singles. If your table sits 8 and you have a family of 6 at a table, you can easily put a couple there. The couples and singles are easy to place after the rest because they are able to fill in table gaps. You can also make a couple/single's table too if you'd like!

Don't Forget Your Vendors

Lastly, don't forget about putting your vendors on your seating chart. If you have room in your reception, it's best to seat your vendors in the reception room if you can. This will make sure that they are where the action is happening in case they need to jump into action when something special happens while they are eating. They obviously don't need to be up front, but a table in the back where they can hear what is happening is best.


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