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Wedding Veil Styles and Things To Consider: Wedding Wednesday

Today's Wedding Wednesday post is going to be all about veils! There are so many veils and headpiece options out there that you may be confused or don't know where to start. This blog focuses on some of the different veil styles as well as some things to keep in mind and consider when choosing the perfect veil for you!

Veil Types

Birdcage Veil

A birdcage veil is the shortest style of veil. It usually won't go longer than the nape of your neck. These are great if you are wanting more of a vintage style to your wedding attire or if you just want the look of a veil without all the length.

Fingertip Length Veil

A fingertip length veil is just what it says it is! The veil's length will reach down to your fingertips or sometimes your elbow. This is a classic style of veil that will always be popular. You are able to have a pretty veil that will provide some movement but won't have to have a long veil that may weigh you down.

Cathedral/Chapel Veil

A cathedral or chapel veil is also a classic veil that will always be in style! It's one of the most traditional and formal type of veil. A chapel veil will be just a little bit longer than the train of your dress whereas the cathedral veil will extend beyond the train for a minimum of 2 feet.

Double Tier/Blusher Veil

A double tier or blusher veil can occur with any of the veils that are mentioned above. This type of veil will have a second layer that you can wear in front of your face. Normally the blusher part of the veil is worn over your face while you walk down the aisle and then lifted once you reach your fiancé at the end of the aisle or right before your first kiss.

No Veil

You do not have to have a veil for your wedding! If you aren't a fan of veils or just don't like having things on your head, then don't be afraid to forgo the veil! You can add an embellished hair clip or just let your hair be center stage. You can also wear a veil for your ceremony and some portraits and then forgo it for the rest of your wedding events. The options are limitless!

Things To Consider When It Comes To Veils

Think Of Your Attire

When choosing the style of veil for your wedding, you will want to think of your attire. Does your dress have a show stopping back that you want to show off? Then you may want to forgo a veil or opt for a shorter one.

Choose The Right Color

When choosing your veil you will want to consider the color of your dress. If you are wearing white, there are a few different shades of white and you will want to make sure your veil is in the same shade. If possible, bring your dress along while shopping. Don't be afraid to not stick to white either! There are so many pretty dip dyed veils or embroidered veils out there. Find the one that is perfect for you!

Find The Balance With Embellishments

Veils come with lace, just tulle, silk, with rhinestones, with embroidery, and so much more! Consider your attire and accessories when you think of your veil embellishments. If your attire is more bold and embellished, then maybe a simpler veil is best or maybe you have attire that's a little more simple and want your veil to be a showstopper!

Consider Your Hair Style

When you choose to wear a veil your hairstyle becomes important! Veils need something to hold on to so you will need to wear a hairstyle that will accommodate a veil. When you have your hair trial, bring your veil along so your stylist can work it into your style. Have some extra bobby pins on hand the day of your wedding as well in case the veil starts slipping and you want to make it more secure.

Practice The Removal

If you aren't planning on wearing your veil for the whole wedding, then you will want to practice how to remove your veil. Have your hairstylist show you and a helper how to remove your veil easily. This will help put your mind at ease and will ensure that your hairstyle will still be intact!

Think Of Your Portraits

When it comes to your veil, think of your portraits! If you love those long flowing veil photos, then a cathedral veil will be your friend! The longer the veil, the more your photographer can use it for those flowy veil photos.

Don't Be Afraid To Think Outside The Box

Just like with the embellishments and colored veils, feel free to think outside the box! You can really personalize your veil and make it perfect for your wedding. Add some custom embroidery, opt for a flower crown, or come up with something unique to you!

Grooms, Veils Aren't Just For Brides!

The photo above is not mine and is by Paris photographer Krystal Kenney of Miss Paris Photo! She agreed to let me use this image for this point. When I first ran across images from this wedding, I fell in love with the groom's veil/cape/train hybrid! It's stunning! This just shows you that veils aren't just for brides and grooms can wear them too and make them look STUNNING! It's your wedding day, make it your own, wear what you love, and you will ROCK IT!


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