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Should I Have A Photo Booth At My Wedding: Wedding Wednesday

Today for Wedding Wednesday we are going to be talking all about photo booths! Some of you may know that we have a photo booth company, JNP Photo Booth, so you may think that this blog will be a bit biased but I promise it isn't! Devin and I started JNP Photo Booth after our love of photo booths! I mean who doesn't love grabbing a fun prop and getting some photos taken with their friends and loved ones? Photo booths can provide some great fun and entertainment for your wedding guests during the reception and they can also double as wedding favors! Keep reading for some reasons why we think a photo booth should be a part of your wedding!

Provides Fun and Entertainment For Your Wedding Guests

I dare you to find someone who used a photo booth and walked away without a smile! Photo booths are always a blast and can entertain all your guests! Putting on some funny glasses, holding up a fun sign, and just laughing with their friends for photos will also provide hours of entertainment!

All Wedding Guests Will Use The Photo Booth

One of the best things about photo booths is that everyone loves them! All of your guests will get into the photo booth and take a photo from the oldest generation to the youngest generation. Although the reception dance floor is a ton of fun, a lot of times your older guests and younger guests will stay at their tables. That's not the case if a photo booth is present, they all will take a photo!

A Photo Booth Can Double As Your Favors

If you are struggling on coming up with favors for your guests, a photo booth can not only provide fun but your guests will walk away with an instant memory as their favor. Unlike beer koozies that may be tossed after the wedding or candy that will be eaten before dinner is served, those photo booth prints will be proudly displayed on your guest's refrigerators for months to come and are a constant happy reminder of your wedding day!

Allows Your Guests To Have Instant Images From Your Wedding

Of course your guests will be taking selfies during your wedding reception but photo booths provide them with a professional image to share. They will be able to walk away with a print of their images and can even have their images texted to them for instant social media sharing!

Allows You To See All The Fun Your Guests Had

Although your wedding photographer will obviously capture your guests having fun in your wedding images, the photo booth provides a different insight into your guests fun! You can look back at your photo booth gallery and see all those funny moments that you guests had. Some guests will even do a particular pose that's an inside joke with the wedding couple so that when the couple looks back on those images, they will get a laugh. It's a fun different perspective of your wedding guests!

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