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The Qualities of a Great Wedding Photographer: Wedding Wednesday

Today for Wedding Wednesday we have a guest post from the lovely Kiley Morrow all about some things to look out for while you are looking for your wedding photographer!

Indiana Wedding Photographer Indianapolis Lafayette

Big weddings, small weddings, courthouse weddings, elopements. No matter what type of wedding you are having, it's typical to want the day remembered with photographs. You may only hire a wedding photographer for a few minutes or an entire day, but the qualities you should look for are the same. To ensure that your wedding photos will be as lovely as your marriage, here are the qualities of a great wedding photographer that you should keep in mind during your search.

Business Card

This may seem odd, but wedding photographers who have a business card are likely to be more professional and passionate about their craft. Think about it. If a photographer doesn't take the time to design a business card, are they really that serious about the work they do? Most people know you have to spend money to make money, and a photography business card aren't a huge investment these days.

The business card should include some essential details to help you understand the photographer's sense of photography. Some cards may consist of a photo or two of their work, so you can quickly see the style of their photography and a sense of their personality. Additionally, the best photographers will have a website listed on the card that features their online galleries.

Creative and Imaginative

Indiana Wedding Photographer Indianapolis Lafayette

There are several classic wedding photo shots, but every wedding photographer is likely to have some shots that are more creative to give your album some flare. If everyone is standing prim and proper in each photo, that's not going to show the personality of you and your spouse, the bridal party, or the celebrations. When you're interviewing photographers, ask them what their favorite shot to do at weddings is to feel out their creative and imaginative abilities.

The best photographers will also be able to think quickly to catch magical shots on the spot. They'll see props in a new way that aren't apparent from looking at the object and think of situations to create a stunning photograph. They might even use the personalities of the bride, groom, and wedding party to put together creative wedding photos that capture the makeup of the group. For example, if there are extra flower petals, a great photographer will jump at the chance to incorporate them, so they don't go to waste.

Attention to Detail

Indiana Wedding Photographer Indianapolis Lafayette

This quality begins from the first time that you sit down with your wedding photographer before the wedding. Top-notch photographers will have their own questions ready for you so they understand your desires, the timeline of your wedding, and can set appropriate expectations. It would be terrible if you're planning to have your first look walking down the aisle and the photographer is setting up a first look shot before the ceremony!

Pictures will be snapped at a record pace during your wedding, but attention to detail is not something that should be sacrificed no matter how quickly things are moving. During group shots, they should notice things like untied shoes, placement of bouquets, and stray hairs. While viewing their portfolio, keep an eye out for these types of things in photos to see if they can spot items that need fixing before moving on to the next pose.

Friendly and Communicative

There's a good argument that the best wedding photographers are good with all types of people, or at least can fake it to make sure they're not putting a damper on the wedding experience for anyone. A friendly and engaged photographer will be able to get people smiling and posing, then move on to the next photo opportunity without being a massive distraction from the festivities.

Also, they should have excellent communication before and after the wedding. If you have questions, they should respond promptly and be sure to follow up with photos in the quoted time frame. A wedding photographer that doesn't respond to their clients is a big red flag.

Indiana Wedding Photographer Indianapolis Lafayette

Good Reviews

As with many purchases these days, make sure you read plenty of reviews for any wedding photographers you are considering. View each report objectively, and try to strip emotions from the review if you sense any. The best photographers will most likely have testimonials directly on their website, so that's another thing to keep an eye out for when viewing their portfolio. Be sure to check several sites for reviews to make sure that you're not missing anything that could make or break a deal for you.


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