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8 Wedding Dress Trends for Summer 2019: Wedding Wednesday

8 Wedding Dress Trends For Summer Indiana Wedding Photographer

Choosing a wedding dress is undoubtedly one of the biggest decisions that a bride needs to make before her big day. The traditional style may well be the long flowing white gown that we associate with the extravagant "big white wedding" but that isn't the only option available. After all, this is 2019! It's time to start having a little more fun with wedding dress choices and donning dresses with contemporary styles that enable us to express our personalities.

The whole ordeal of selecting and trying wedding dresses can feel a little stressful but it doesn't have to be. Flick through bridal magazines, pin beautiful gowns to your Pinterest and feel free to turn into a bit of a bridezilla from time to time. This is your big day after all! Besides, if you find yourself getting a little overwhelmed with all of the wedding prep, remember that your honeymoon will soon follow offering you the perfect chance to relax at a resort and forget about all the dress shopping chaos!

Pastel Shades

Who decided that all elegant wedding dresses had to be white? A huge trend for wedding dresses in Summer 2019 is branching out from the status quo and the traditional color palette and going pastel. Delicate pinks, minty greens and light blues are all the trend right now. Sound a little strange? These colors can be incorporated into the dress design with a tasteful elegance. As a matter of fact, world leading wedding dress designers such as Vera Wang incorporated pastels into their 2019 wedding catwalks.

8 Wedding Dress Trends For Summer Indiana Wedding Photographer

High Necklines

Love them or loathe them, high necklines are a new trend for summer 2019 and make a creative alternative to plunging necklines. There are some practical considerations to keep in mind here though also. For example, a high neckline when holding your wedding on the chilly east coast of the USA or in Canada? Adorable! A high neckline for a beach wedding in California? Maybe not.

Beloved wedding dress designers such as Vera Wang and Laure de Sagazan have gotten creative with their different approaches to high necklines this year. Many of them have utilized different fabrics and cuts to create an altogether more different appearance at the neck.

All That Glitters is Gold

Want to sparkle brighter than a fourth of July firework at your wedding this year? Embrace the new trend of donning a glittery wedding dress! Sometimes the mention of glitter does not draw up sophisticated images in our minds, but this year respected dress designers have proven that this is such a thing as tasteful glitter effects!

Many gowns that will be stocked in bridal stores in time for summer 2019 will be shimmery and clad from top to bottom with glitter. You will be sure to wow your guests when walking down the aisle shimmering in one of these gowns.

8 Wedding Dress Trends For Summer Indiana Wedding Photographer

Waterfall Skirts

We can't deny the fact that big goofy statement gowns have always had a presence as far as wedding dresses are concerned. After-all, who doesn't want to feel like aPrincess on her big day? Besides, every bride-to-be knows that she deserves a dress that would make even Cinderella herself jealous!

Summer 2019's bridal waterfall skirts are adding a whole new level of volume and va-va-voom to the traditional gown-like wedding dresses. Many use asymmetric tiers of fabric for extra "wow" factor. As you browse through your local bridal stores, you will be certain to find plenty of these around this year. This dress style if absolutely perfect for making an entrance.


Wedding capes are expected to be huge this year and if you are searching for an alternative look, they are well worth considering. Capes in soft, shimmery materials like silk add something extra to the appearance of a classic wedding dress. They cover shoulders when wearing sleeveless dresses and make the look more complete.


The addition of bows on wedding gowns is all the rage this year. The way in which this can be incorporated into the Bride's dress depends on just how alternative or traditional they prefer their style to be. Some dresses are hitting the shelves in 2019 will feature delicate, subtle bow designs that run up the skirt. Others feature supersized bows for a more couture style wedding gown.

Flower Power

Having a Bohemian style wedding and more than happy to embrace an embroidered, floral design? Alternatively, perhaps your fashion sense already leans towards eccentric and couture stylings. The Summer 2019 floral dress trend may be perfect for Brides who enjoy stepping away from the ordinary. Flower dress designs vary between delicate dresses that simple incorporate flower imagery into their fabrics, to eclectic designs with huge 3D blooms.

8 Wedding Dress Trends For Summer Indiana Wedding Photographer

Skirts That Are Short and Sweet

Weddings don't have to mean long flowing gowns. Perhaps your legs are your best feature and you are loathing to hide them away in a long gown? Alternatively, perhaps you're petite and you don't feel so comfortable in an extravagant floor length gown. Whatever your reason, the good news is that many "short skirt" style wedding dresses are in style for summer 2019. If you're getting married outside or in a hot place then this is even better! Designers such as Viktor & Rolf featured short skirts on their bridal catwalks this year and there are many dress designers that make a short skirt look tasteful and classy.

* This blog post written and provided by Kiley Morrow.


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