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Engagement Session Location Ideas: Wedding Wednesday

Engagement Session Location Ideas Indiana Wedding Photographer Lafayette Indianapolis

After you've gotten engaged, booked your wedding venue, and booked your photographer the next thing on your list is to start thinking about your engagement session. Your engagement session is a great time for you to celebrate this special time in your life. You get to get dressed up, get some gorgeous images of the two of you, and get to have a little date night! But, where are you going to have your engagement session? If this question has crossed your mind, then today's Wedding Wednesday blog is for you! Keep reading for a few ideas to help you in your engagement session location search.

Is there a location that is meaningful to you both?

Maybe you want to do your engagement session at the location where you first met or where you got engaged! Or maybe you always love going for a walk at a certain park. Those are all locations to consider! You can tie in that special place into your engagement photos.

Is there a location that incorporates in something you love to do as a couple?

Do you love eating pizza and playing games at a certain restaurant? Do you go shopping at a farmer's market every Saturday? Those locations can be fun to include into your engagement session as well. You can include in something you love to do into your engagement session.

Do you have a certain vision for your engagement portraits?

Are you envisioning your engagement portraits in a certain location? Maybe you want lots of greenery or flowers. Maybe you want something more urban with graffiti or your city skyline. Once you start thinking about what you want your photos to look like then that can help you narrow down different locations.

What locations does your photographer recommend?

Don't be afraid to ask your photographer for recommendations! Your photographer is there to help you and they have photographed in a lot of different places! Ask them for recommendations and you may find a place that you didn't know existed that will be perfect for your engagement session! They also know all the great spots for pretty sunrise and sunset light!

Does the location require a permit?

Certain parks and locations do require a fee for professional photography and require a permit. These are usually easy to obtain and aren't very expensive but it is still something to keep in mind. These permits also need to be obtained in advance so you will want to make sure you allow enough time to obtain the permit before your engagement session. Your photographer can help you understand what locations require permits and will obtain the permits for you.

Is the location on private property or a business?

If you are planning on utilizing a location that's a business, like the pizza place mentioned above, or that is on private property you will want to make sure you get permission. Most locations will be fine with you using the place for your session but some may not be available on certain days or will charge a fee.

Consider the time of day.

Your photographer will more than likely want to do your engagement session during sunrise or sunset to capitalize on the pretty, soft, glowy light! However, that's not the only thing to consider when it comes to the timing. For example, if you are wanting to do that pizza shop example, you probably won't want to schedule your engagement session for a Saturday night when they are super busy or on a Sunday morning when they are more than likely closed.


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