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The Benefits Of Doing A Controlled (Faux) Exit: Wedding Wednesday

Benefits of Doing A Controlled Wedding Reception Exit Indiana Wedding Photographer

Some couples plan on doing a big send off after their reception, other couples opt to just sneak out or leave without a send off- both ways are totally fine and up to you. If a couple does an exit, that usually happens with sparklers but some couples do something different like glow sticks or lightsabers. Send offs can be fun and most couples want them to be photographed but a lot of times your photography coverage ends before the end of the night and some guests will leave throughout your reception. That is where controlled or faux exits come in! With a controlled exit, you will have two exits. One that's strictly for photos and then your normal send off at the end of the night. They allow you to get your special exit photographed before your photographer leaves and have a few other benefits too. There are two ways to do them. You can just bring out your wedding party and keep things simple and fun or you can have you DJ announce that it's time for a photo opt and have all your guests present. Keep reading for reasons why controlled exits are nice!

Controlled exits let you take your time and get great photos!

During a real exit at the end of the night, you will run through the sparklers and jump in your get away car and head off. They are fast and fun but it doesn't let you get some great photos. With a controlled exit you have the freedom to go through the sparklers more than once and can even do a few posed kissing photos in the middle surrounded by sparklers. This allows you to have more images of your exit and have it photographed well.

It makes sure that your wedding party and guests are present.

After all of your reception events are completed, some guests will start leaving and won't stay until the very end of the reception, this is especially true if you have a lot of older guests or guests with children. Your wedding party will, more than likely, be there until the end of the party but if you have some members with young children or other responsibilities some may have to leave before the very end. By doing a controlled exit, you are able to have more people present for your exit photos!

They can save you money.

Controlled exits allow you to have your send off photographed without having to pay for your photographer to stay until the end of the night. Most wedding photography coverage lasts from getting ready through the main reception events and about the first hour of open dancing. You don't really need your photographer to stay until the very end of the reception. By doing a controlled exit, you can schedule it to happen before your photographer leaves which allows you to still have photos of your exit but not have to add on extra hours for your photographer to stay until the very end.

You get to do your exit more than once!

With a controlled exit, you get two exits, one for photos and then the real exit. Exits are super fun so you get to have this fun experience twice! Plus your guests and wedding party members will love getting to light a sparkler twice!


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