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Be Bold and Love Color!: Wedding Wednesday

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Today for Wedding Wednesday we are going to be talking all about color! Who doesn't love adding a bit of fun color into their wedding and their lives?!?! Today's post is provided by Chrissy Hudacin of Special Occasion Designs. Chrissy Hudacin is the owner and designer at Special Occasion Designs. She is a second generation florist working to carry on her mothers legacy as a florist. Her goal is to design meaningful floral so every client feels cared for and stress free on their big day. Special Occasion Designs is an Indianapolis based floral, decor and planning business that specializes in weddings and any other celebration that calls for "something special".

Keep reading to learn more about using color on your wedding day from Chrissy!

Do you remember when you were younger and you opened a brand new big 64 count box of crayons and your eyes just moved across all those amazing colors. Have you ever found yourself stopping and admiring a beautiful colorful sunset? Have you ever enjoyed a walk through a flower garden and stood in awe at all the amazing colors that are present? As a florist, I am always amazed at the multitude of color options that I have to choose from in a single color pallet. I am also amazed with how I can also work with and put together so many fun and bold color combinations together. I am also excited when I see pictures of those colors come to life and just pop off the screen/page.

For most people color is part of your everyday world from your wardrobe, your walls, your decor, and the world around you so when it comes to your wedding why should it be any different. As a couple you should not be afraid of using color to add an exciting and dramatic pop to your day. When you add fun pops of color you could add a fun focal point or draw focus on a certain element of the event, you could create a line to draw the guest eye across the entire reception space, it could be to add a light and airy feel to the event or to just add a fun personal touch to your day. "Don't just live a life of black and white when there's a spectrum of colors available for you. Don't confine yourself, instead express yourself and have some fun."- Rubyanne. The other great thing about color is it will look amazing in your photographs that will be a focal point in your life for many years after your big day.

Even if you are set on having one main color for your wedding don't be afraid to allow your florist and designer to add different shades and tones of that color into the designs so that there is dimension, structure, shape and highlights to the flowers and decor. Your wedding day is about you, your likes, your styles, your personality and about who you are as a couple. Let that stand out and shine through on your big day and don't feel like you have to stick to traditional or what you see on Pinterest. Feel free to have fun, be a trendsetter and to be unique for your big day. Trust in your designer and florist to give you the absolute best colors and flowers to create your vision with their artistic eye so that you have a day that you and your guests will enjoy and remember for a lifetime.

Check out Chrissy and Special Occasion Designs and all of their gorgeous, colorful flower displays at or at

^Images above provided by Chrissy and Special Occasion Designs with her creations.

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