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Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter Wedding Timing Tips: Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Tips By Season Indiana Wedding Photographer Photography

Most couple choose their wedding date based on the seasons. Maybe they envision an outdoor spring or summer wedding or maybe they love the fall colors or winter snow? Each of these seasons can produce equally stunning weddings and wedding day images but there are a few things to keep in mind with each season. Keep reading for some tips for each season!


Spring weddings can be gorgeous because the flowers are in bloom and it's warm but not super hot yet! Spring is also when the sun starts setting later in the day so you can maximize your portrait time and probably even sneak out for a few sunset portraits during your reception. You may be thinking, what's the catch with spring weddings?!?! One thing to consider is that spring is prime allergy season. If you are an allergy sufferer and planning on having an outdoor wedding, then maybe another season would be perfect for you or at least be sure to stock up on allergy medicine beforehand!


Summer has late sunsets so there will be plenty of sun around and, again, you can probably plan to sneak out for a few sunset portraits during your reception! The problem with summer is, even though it's gorgeous and pretty, it can be HOT at times! This isn't a deal breaker for a lot of couples but you may want to add in some extra buffer time into your timeline so you can cool off, freshen up, or touch up your makeup throughout the day and during portraits.


Fall is a beautiful time and everyone loves to get photos taken with the gorgeous fall colors! The temperature is usually still pretty mild, not too hot, and not too cold. Things to keep in mind with fall is that the period of time where the trees change colors is pretty short. If you really want those fall colors, you'll want to keep this in mind. Also, the sun starts setting earlier in fall too so pay attention to the time of sunset on your wedding day.


It's no secret I love winter and snow! White gorgeous snow can make your wedding portraits stunning! BUT, winter does come with cold temperatures and you usually will not be able to have an outdoor wedding. One main thing to keep in mind is the sunset. Sunset during the winter months is pretty early so you will want to factor that into your portrait time so you can take your portraits before the sun sets. If you want a later ceremony or reception, then you will pretty much have to have a First Look.


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